Arm Knitting Video Tutorials! No needles, no problem!

Have you heard about the Arm Knitting craze that has even made front page news in the Wall Street Journal? We wanted to see how it worked with some of our Red Heart yarns. So after having some fun learning to knit without needles, we found that Boutique Sashay™Stellar™ and Vivid™ all make great looking cowls using the arm knitting method. We sent some to Mikey at the Crochet Crowd and he got into Arm Knitting too. It didn’t take him long to learn the technique and do this video with a clear demo and helpful tips…he even did Right-Handed and Left-Handed versions.

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Convert a Rectangular Shawl into a Shrug by Guest Blogger Joan Barnett

I don’t know about your office, but air conditioning in the office I work in is always too cold for me when I wear sleeveless or short sleeve tops. I’m always hunting for a layering piece to keep me warm. So I made a beautiful rust rectangular shawl that converts into a vest, but what I really needed it to be to wear with my summer top is a shrug. Susan Bates mini knit clips to the rescue! Continue reading “Convert a Rectangular Shawl into a Shrug by Guest Blogger Joan Barnett”

To Swatch or Not to Swatch?

How do you make sure that the sweater you’re making will fit? Make a gauge swatch! A gauge swatch is a small sample of your pattern that you make before starting the main item. By doing the stitch pattern for a few inches you can make sure that your gauge, or the number of stitches and rows in a set number of inches, matches the gauge called for in the pattern. If your gauge does not match the pattern gauge your item will not be the same dimensions as the pattern describes and you may run out of yarn. Not matching gauge isn’t quite as crucial for something like a dish cloth or a simple bag, but for garments such as hats and sweaters having the wrong gauge could mean that the finished item turns out fit for a giant! Continue reading “To Swatch or Not to Swatch?”

Three Surprising Causes of Crafting-Related Pain – and What You Can Do About Them

By Jamie Arnold

Staff Writer,

It’s no secret that winter is prime time for crafting. Cooler weather as well as a run of holidays give knitting and crochet enthusiasts plenty of excuses for whipping up cozy mittens, chunky scarves and other unique stocking stuffers, often on short notice. Marathon crafting sessions can result in some of our best work – but they can also lead to lingering pain in the hands, neck and upper back.

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Help for the Holiday Cables Throw By Bonnie Barker Guest Blogger/Designer

By Bonnie Barker, guest designer/blogger

I have a confession:  I love the look of knitted stitches, but I don’t enjoy the process of knitting. I guess I’m a crocheter—heart, body & soul—for better or worse! This is why I am so very excited about designing crochet patterns that mimic knitted stitches. The stitches I incorporate into my patterns are based upon the most fundamental crochet stitches: single, double, and treble crochet; slip stitch and chain. If you already know these basic stitches, you will be able to learn these new stitches, and I dare say learn them quickly and easily. I have personally taught these stitches to children as young as eight years old. One of my students who has significant learning disabilities recently won a blue ribbon at our county fair for a scarf she created using one of these Aran stitches.  Continue reading “Help for the Holiday Cables Throw By Bonnie Barker Guest Blogger/Designer”

Yarn in the Car

It’s time for holiday travels! If you’re lucky enough to be traveling somewhere, and have another pilot, then there’s plenty of yarn time in your future!  I’ve pulled together a list of all the things I travel with in the car when going on a longer holiday trip.  I’ve forgotten most of these at one point or another, and hope this list helps keep you crafting! Continue reading “Yarn in the Car”