Yarn in the Car

It’s time for holiday travels! If you’re lucky enough to be traveling somewhere, and have another pilot, then there’s plenty of yarn time in your future!  I’ve pulled together a list of all the things I travel with in the car when going on a longer holiday trip.  I’ve forgotten most of these at one point or another, and hope this list helps keep you crafting! Continue reading “Yarn in the Car”

After the Thanksgiving meal – the “411” on stains – from the Yarn Guy

After the Thanksgiving meal is over, there is always the inevitable “ton” of leftovers that need to be packed up and put away before the day is complete. Of course, some leftovers go home with you in plastic bowls. Others will travel home with you on foam plates covered with plastic wrap or foil. That being said, the leftovers I want to focus on are those that will travel home with you on your favorite knit or crochet keepsake. Dare I say it, “stains!??

Continue reading “After the Thanksgiving meal – the “411” on stains – from the Yarn Guy”

Avenues for Creativity – Ravelry.com

At Red Heart we are all about keeping the creative juices flowing. One of our goals is to help you do the same. We not only give you hundreds of new FREE patterns each year on our site, but we like to share other avenues for inspiration. One place I like to visit is www.ravelry.com.  It doesn’t matter if you knit, crochet or just do crafts, with over 84,000 patterns there is something for everyone.  This site allows you and others to showcase your designs and offer them to others for free or a fee. You will find there are designs from many different countries too. Continue reading “Avenues for Creativity – Ravelry.com”