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I’ve been hearing about a return to capes and ponchos for awhile but I wondered about when the mainstream trend would arrive.  Last night I read an article in my local paper’s style section called CapeMod.

It defined a cape as a sleeveless covering with slits for the arms that often fastens at the neck and falls loosely from the shoulders. A capelet is a shorter version of a cape. A poncho is a square of fabric [woven, knit or crocheted] with a hole for the head.

Below are 3 that I would recommend. I think I might make the Aran Knit Wrap because I just love patterns with cables and I could wear this outside over a sweater  until it gets really cold.

Try one of these patterns — WR2135, a Poncho in Shimmer that doubles as a skirt WR1938, the Aran Knit Wrap in Super Saver WR1907, the Cabled Poncho in Eco-Ways.


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