Watch The Double Stitch Twins on The Balancing Act March 10th & 24th

Make sure to watch or set your DVR or Tivo to The Balancing Act on Lifetime @ 7am EST on March 10th & 24th. The Double Stitch Twins will talk about how they put their spin on crochet. March is National Craft Month and wanted to shine the spotlight on the timeless pastime of crocheting. 

10-0145_DoubleStitchIntroAdErika and Monika Simmons will give viewers a contemporary look at an age-old craft. The Double Stitch twins have taken crocheting to a new level. Their approach is easy and simple. The results speak for themselves. They create dual purpose projects suitable for a wide range of women. The Double Stitch twins show that you can craft for fun, pleasure and create one-of-a-kind garments. They show that any woman can have balance between a stressed out life and one that shows taking time to relax and create. 

Watch the teaser now!