We Love Doilies!

So you think doilies are for little old ladies? Well doilies have been around since before that little old lady you know, and there are good reasons that they are still with us today. Doilies add joy to our surroundings. In our stark modern homes a surface with a modern doily adds a bit of beauty. Looking at a doily and how all its exquisite little stitches form a pleasing pattern gives us joy (especially if we enjoy crocheting). Staring at a doily is like staring at a mandala: it is mesmerizing. And when we are looking to protect our wood furniture from stains and scratches, our doilies most certainly serve a very useful purpose.

Doilies are some of the most downloaded patterns on redheart.com, so we can only presume that many of you out in crochet-land are also finding joy in doilies. In hopes that many of you are looking for a cotton crochet project to relax with during the summer months, we’ve collected our favorite doily patterns into this look book.

Feast your eyes on the Joy of Doilies here…There are 20 free patterns to keep your fingers busy! Enjoy!!