Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 1

Welcome to the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge! For the next 8 weeks we’ll be working together on Wednesday evenings and sharing our plans and projects. We’re all so busy it can be difficult to have time to sit down and work on your projects, so I’ve found it easier to set aside time each week. I’m stitching on Wednesdays since it fits my schedule, but you can choose any day that suits you.

bat_hatPlease share what you’re working on in the comments on our blog posts or on our social media channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Tag your social media posts with #WNSC to share them with the group. I’d love to see what you’re working on!

This week I’m working on this Bat on a Hat. My brother’s birthday is in October, so I thought it would be a good birthday present. The hat itself is pretty easy, plus I’ll get to practice with duplicate stitch to embroider the bat on it. If I get comfortable with the duplicate stitch, I may make additional hats with different designs embroidered on top.

Each week we’ll select one winner of a $150 Red Heart Prize Package. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this blog post.



Prize package includes:  four skeins of With Love, three balls of Anne Geddes, two balls of Boutique Magical, two balls of Reflective, two balls of Boutique Treasure, two balls of Boutique Sassy Fabric, one ball of Boutique Sashay, 3 balls of Heads Up, one Red Heart tote bag, Susan Bates Knitting Needles SetSusan Bates Crochet Hooks Set, and a Red Heart tape measure

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421 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 1

  1. Janis Bunch

    I am crocheting a stained glass scarf for a birthday gift!

    • Maria Acosta

      I have crocheted a beautiful pair of cable Owl fingerless gloves

    • jcro

      just finished trendy cowl for my niece HOLLA onto the next project!! #coolzesyall

    • Christine

      I just finished a baby afghan for a new grand-daughter and now I’m working on another one, different pattern, for another new grand-daughter coming in November.

    • Brandi Clinard

      A stained glass scarf? I would like to see pictures of that, it sounds unique! I am currently working on a Marine Corps blanket for my husband.

  2. Anu ratha

    I am working on entrelac afghan for my baby .. my due date given is on 7th Oct. Wish to finish it by then.

    • Anonymous

      That sounds beautiful, good luck getting it finished on time. Will you let us know about your success? Since your baby will be the big success, I’d love to hear about that too!

  3. sandra

    I’m currently working on 3 project’s. All baby blankets and they all have to be done in October.

  4. Frances Higins

    I am Making American Flag. So cool watching it being built in thread.

  5. Elizabeth Jones

    I am making small dolls for a craft bazaar in November.

  6. Jean

    I’m working on a granny stitch blanket:) Hope to have it done soon.

    • Karen D

      Was the pattern free? My sister-in-law loves moose(s) – not sure which is right.

    • Barb

      I was wondering about your crocheted moose had, too. My daughter loves them and had asked me last year if I could make moose hats for her and her toddler son. Never found a free pattern. Would you be able to share where you got the pattern?

      • Beth

        I would love the moose hat pattern also, both for myself and my neice!

  7. lisa

    I’m working on a blanket for my soon to be born first grandchild!

  8. Amanda

    I’m working on a knitted sweater for myself, and a pair of socks for my husband! Unfortunately, his socks have to wait until my sweater is done (which it is)!

  9. lily

    I am working on a lapghan for my friend tonight!! Hoping to get it done soon!

    • Anonymous

      What is it? Just a smaller version? What kind of yarn?

  10. Gwen

    I’m working on a Leaping Stripes & Blocks blanket for my great grandson.

  11. Penny

    I have been trying to teach myself how to knit and am working on the Cabled Afghan Knit Along.

  12. Marion Davis

    I am finishing up crocheting a rug using yarn left over from other crochet projects.

    • Anonymous

      Always nice to see charity needlework being done. :)
      Keep up the good work1

  13. Gillian McAughey

    Hi I’m working on a knit look crochet scarf by Holland designs. It’s sock yarn on a 6mm hook. Working up fast.

  14. Cindy Collins

    Im making a c2c blanket in small squares for a friend :)

  15. Jenna

    I’m working on the new Criss Cross Stocking by Pattern Paradise! It’s turning out amazing!

  16. Jennifer B.

    I am currently working on “cat blankets” for some foster kittens using the Catherine’s Wheel Throw pattern by Red Heart. I am stopping when blankets measure about 20 inches (after about 16 rounds or 8 rounds of completed wheels).

  17. Anonymous

    I am working on hats and mittens for my granddaughters for Christmas. I just finished making the Ruffle Fir Trees for them to decorate their rooms.

  18. Ren M

    I’m currently working on a knitted infinity scarf, my first knit project :)

  19. Kathy Tingen

    Fairly new to crochet ing amd knitting. Self taught by reading on pintrest and the internet. Loving learning and creating things.

  20. juanita nyari

    I am working on hats and scarfs for my grandchildren and also an afghan for my best friend.

  21. Denise Miller

    I am working on a granny type wrap for a Christmas gift

  22. Kathy Tingen

    Fairly new to crochet ing amd knitting. Self taught by reading on pintrest and the internet. Loving learning and creating things. Working on scrafs, hat, & boot cuff set.

  23. Diane Massing

    I am currently crocheting a ruffle scarf that I started last night. I have some other projects in the works, but this is my Wednesday project! I tweeted a photo of it so far.

  24. Gulnaz

    Have two red heart projects underway, the cabled knit along afghan using red heart soft yarn in red wine color n princess cardigan using red heart soft baby steps yarn in strawberry color.. Looking forward to knitting n crocheting more goodies from free patterns for my lil niece!

  25. Shirley Berger

    Hats, hats, hats….Christmas and birthdays are all about hats!

  26. Mandy

    hi, I’m crocheting a blanket,using Elmer squares,it will be a Christmas gift ( not sure who for yet ). Just about to start joining them together.

  27. Nancy Finn

    Just finished Coldwater Canyon Hat and Mitts from Crochet World Oct 14 using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Parrto

  28. Lisa

    I’m working on a cowl, taking a break from my afghan. I’ve also been making camo hats for my hunters .

  29. Jenny Hill

    I am working on a pair of socks. It was pretty rough at first since this is my first pair of socks! Unraveled about four times! (lol!)

  30. Tammy Fitzsimmons

    I am mostly working on baby items at this time, since I have a friend due in November and one due in early December.

  31. Gracie Hebb

    I have finally just finished the basic basket for the Crochet Crowd September challenge – still need to work out the motifs for it yet, but am just about to start a Corner to Corner afghan.

  32. Katie

    I am working on several projects 1. Catherine Wheel Throw. 2. Holiday Striped Throw. 3. A Prayer Shawl (in my to go bag) 4. Cal Block a month 5. another company’s Cal/Kal through emails making a mystery patterned scarf.

  33. Alex Colorado

    Working on teaching my self to arm knit, so much fun!!!

  34. Anna

    I’m going to finish up a hat for my granddaughter tonight than start a scarf for her.

  35. Nafesah

    I’m doing a toddler blanket with monkey faces on it …lol…. Its driving my bananas but my niece is so worth it <3

  36. Rita Z.

    I’m working on a crocheted cowl and also crocheting items for Crochet for Cancer. Yes, I’m spending a little time tonight on each project. :)

  37. Jennifer Doucet

    I’m working on my sixth slouchy beanie. I’m making one in every color of Unforgettable.

  38. Cleary Kipe

    I’m working on the Stitch-Cation Blocks doing the Cross Stitch block today.

  39. Mary Hinnenkamp

    I am currently working on make-up bags with #10 thread for my granddaughters and just started knitting a sweater, plus doilies and coasters for friends.

  40. Noreen

    I’m making squares for the Knit-a-Square non-profit. They assemble them into afghans and give them to orphans in Africa who are infected or affected by HIV.

  41. Susan Hudgins


    I’m currently loom knitting a baby blanket for my daughter’s friend. She was due in October but the baby surprised her parents with an early arrival this past weekend.

    I guess you could say I’m knitting “Under-the-gun”. But, No Worries

  42. Charity

    I’m working on some Christmas presents. Some Mary Jane slippers for my daughter and nieces. Some basket weave pants and skirts for my nieces and daughter. Some beanie for my brothers and nephews. And when my yarn order gets in I’ll be working on an Afghan for my brother in law. Maybe in my spare crocheting time I can work on my own blanket! Will see if that gets done or not.

  43. Wendy Novacheck

    I am working on a bubble baby blanket for my sister’s niece, a scrap yarn blanket for my husband’s birthday next weekend, and winter hats for the kids in school and also to donate.

  44. Anny Raines

    I’m working on hats both crocheted and knitted for local Seniors for Christmas tonight is a white knitted tobbogon

  45. nyleca

    Working on finishing an afghan, and also have a couple projects in thread all for Christmas.

  46. Donna Connelly

    I’m working on a wreath for my mom’s new apt door for Christmas.

  47. Tarana Brison

    I am working on an entrelac baby blanket (my first entrelac project EVER) for my little cousin’s baby, who is due in January. I am also working on a ladybug cocoon and hat for my FIRST grandbaby who is due in December! (squeeeee….so excited)

  48. Karen Bontrager

    I’m finishing hats to match ponchos for 2 grand-nieces and beginning a baby afghan in grey, Orange, and lime green for my youngest grandson.

  49. Wmarguerite Hill

    I am working on a complete testing patterns and a couple loveys. Will be starting on a mouse soon to decorate a tree…

  50. Shirley

    I am working on Ruffled Scarfs to be sold at Relay for Life walk to benefit our teams donation to the ACS.

  51. Dottie

    I am working on a Tunisian sweater/jacket for my brother. Almost done! :)

  52. Bonnie P

    I’m currently working on a teddy bear backpack. It’s a special request from a great kid. I hope to have it done by Monday.

  53. Anonymous

    I am crocheting a blanket for my nephew/ niece due this Friday. Wohooo.

  54. Isabel

    Working on mermaid prop set (includes mermaid tail, starfish headbands, sea shell bra top) for two newborn twins! So Excited!

  55. Pat Lee

    I’m working on a “kittens in a row” afghan as a Christmas gift for my 3yo granddaughter.

  56. Denise Beyor

    Hi everyone, I’m knitting on a mitered square afghan for my new nephew. I’m knitting it big enough so that he can use it for many years as he gets older. I do that with all the baby afghans I make. Ive been told that sometimes the moms like to use them to cuddle up in before the baby is even born.

  57. galinda

    I am knitting a hat and fingerless gloves from wool I dyed for the first time. I names it skittles. ♡

  58. Natalie

    Working on grandchildrens winter set. Hat/scarf/mittens. 2 done 10 more to go.

  59. Kay

    I have 2 WIP. I am trying to make a pair of socks (1st time to try socks) and I have a fun and easy drop stitch scarf that I started last Christmas.

  60. Rachael Gilbertson

    I am working on a baby blanket that will be covered w/ knit butterflies in various shades of pink. (The blanet is white). All of my commissions from my knit/crochet projects go to charity, The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. This is my first international commission. I’m excited! :)

  61. Cindy

    I have several projects going as I tend to get bored if I concentrate on just one. I’m working on a hat and scarf as well as 3 different style afghans. Good luck everyone!

  62. chris perkins

    I will be catching up on my Sky Scarf. I am about a week behind. (

  63. Dale Nelson

    I just finished the chevron dress in size 4. I just don’t know how to send the picture. I’m working on dishcloths while waiting on my red heart yarn order to get here. I love red heart yarn and I only buy red heart yarn.

  64. Eileen Gery

    I’m crocheting a baby blanket in black & white using Red Heart Super Saver. :)

  65. Vivian

    I have multiple projects going on, but this particular Wednesday I’m focusing on an afghan for a wedding present…

    • Anonymous

      I am trying to finish UP O’S and knitting dishcloths in between.

  66. Kathy

    I finished a hat yesterday. And previously did the Peppermint Throw afghan. Staring at a sweater pattern that is beyond my skill level, but I’m determined. I’m doing small swatches of each pattern so I know where I’m going.

  67. JoAnn Stromer

    I’m working on two c2c blankets for my grandchildren, cold nights are around the corner.

  68. Jean Burby

    I have too many projects going. I need to finish one an move to next.

  69. Linda Rowland

    I’m working on a Breast cancer Survivor afghan for my son’s fiancée.

  70. Dian

    Currently working on little baby dresses for my grand babies due in February. TWIN GIRLS!!

  71. Jean Cummins

    I am working on a rainbow colored C2C. I am finished with the afghan but I am putting a marching elephant border. It is going to a special new baby due sometime in October.

  72. Deana

    I crochet and my current projects are a nephew sized afghan – he’s over 6′ so it will be.long enough to fit him. A hooded scarf for a friend who teaches and she’ll use it during recess, and a cable sampler afghan for another friend. One square left before I assemble it!

  73. kieu Nguyen

    Working on an ice princess outfit for my daughter for Halloween.

  74. Amanda

    I would love to win! Currently making a c2c for my mommas bday in october

  75. Diana Stanhope

    I am making my very first sweater. I am also learning Bruges Lace. So far I have part of the back of the sweater and a small ribbon of lace.

  76. Betty

    I just finished my poncho and I am still working on my Ruffle Christmas tree.

  77. Lisa Kerstein

    I’m knitting a peach shawl for my mother to keep her warm all year long and wristers for me to go along with a scarf I just finished. Using a new stitch for the wristers (bamboo stitch) so that should be interesting.

  78. Kathy

    I am working on a corner to corner afghan to be given away at the soup luncheon at my parish in October.

  79. Diane

    I’m working on a couple of things: a baby afghan and mittens and stocking hat for my Grandson.

  80. Shelia C

    Tonight I’m finishing a size 6 mo cabbage patch hat. But am also currently working on St Louis cardinals letterman jacket for another baby, a shawl for my mother using heartland, and a white on red snowflake afghan using Red Heart classic for my daughter. I am a MAJOR multitasket!!

  81. Pamela Myers

    I am working on a baby gift and a lap throw! Have fun everyone!

  82. Bobbi

    I am working on a blanket for my daughter. It is of the baby phat cat. Using intarsia crochet method and a graph.

  83. Sandra Babic

    I am working on two afghans one is Fall colors the other is in bright neon colors I was calling it my fruit loops blanket until my daughter in law called it my clown blanket so now I have decided to put a white ruffled edging on it to look like the clown collar

  84. Kristen Lucia

    I found a beautiful top on the redheart site called the shell stitch top. I’m working on my third top using the pattern

  85. Alanna

    I’m working on square deal sweater using RH Boutique Unforgettable. I’m loving this yarn and how quickly this project is moving along.

  86. GranKris

    I just finished the Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochetalong for my grandson and am now working on a lapghan for charity, an afghan for a friend and an afghan for one of my grandchildren. I like to have more than one project going at a time to inhibit boredom.

  87. Terri Jordan

    I am working on a RH baby blanket with the colored circles for my daughter-in-law’s grandbaby.

  88. connie wilson

    I am working on a baby gift for a boy, football hat and football cocoon, and just finished my crochet challenge for September, a new Orleans saints football basket

  89. Josie M.

    I am working in a crochet blanket for myself, to have when I go into hospital.

  90. Jaime Santiago

    I am currently making a Dr. Who phone box afghan for my son in tunision crochet.

  91. Amy

    I always have multiple WIPs, but the one I worked on most today is the Jeweled X Cowl, a design I found on Ravelry.

  92. Tami

    I’ve got a couple of projects working. I’m doing an Amish puzzle ball, a chevron scarf, and a crocheted softie. I get bored easily, so keeping multiple projects in the works helps me actually complete them.

  93. elena

    Finishing up a stitch along and cable along….2 squares and one square

  94. Ann Schreckenghost

    our group is working on hats for the homeless. And also working on Christmas ornaments to sell for our children’s house -all donations will benefit abused children

  95. Mari Adatha

    Working on a white Swan Princess shawl, and getting ready to put a readers shawl on the needles with a lovely sage green tweed from Red Heart. And a teal sweater for my other half for Christmas…. oh , and a baby blanket in a blue/green ombre and a baby romper to match… I’m thinking, there may be more…?

  96. Katherine Morris

    I’m working on the cabled afghan knit along with Red Heart Yarn

  97. Sharee S

    I am working on a Granny Ripple baby blanket for my cousin. Using Red Heart Bright Pink, White and Pewter gray in Love. So pretty!

  98. Kendra McGlothin

    I’m working on the crochet along textured afghan that was done earlier this year.

  99. Nancy B

    I’m working on seat covers for the stools in my preschool classroom. I love how they are turning out!

  100. lynnette

    I have been practicing different crochet stitches, I want to get better at before starting the project to use them in. My sample pieces become dishcloths that I give to family and friends to use. I also am working on two baby afghans, with the need to start a third one this winter for my nieces. And I have a gazillion more projects in mind…

  101. Sandy Kershaw

    I am working on a christening gown and matching blanket, an afghan, and a shawl.

  102. Robyn Ryan

    I am currently loom knitting a scarf using Red Heart Super Saver in the “Blacklight” color. I’m loving how it’s turning out!

  103. Lora

    I’m a Girl Scout Leader for girls in 6-12th grades and we’re all making baby hats to donate to our hospital. I’m also working on fingerless gloves for Christmas gifts.

  104. Bonnie

    Working on headbands and scarf hat sets for my 10 grandchildren. And one granny throw at the moment.

  105. Carol

    I’m working on the second of a pair of socks. I’m making a lace shawl. I’m working on a string grocery bag. Trying to keep it to 3 projects!

  106. Lori

    I am crocheting 2 round ripple afghans for Christmas gifts for 2 special little girls in my life. They both have mixed families, and get SO MANY toys, that I thought a nice blanket from their Great Aunt would be nice. I hope they love them and cherish them for many years!!

  107. Dee Jackson

    I am working on an elephant hat for a very special daughter of a friend.

  108. Linda

    I am working on a prayer shawl for the cancer victims and 2 cowels to give to my 2 coworkers for Christmas!

  109. Virginia Bronner

    I am working on an afghan made with four small stained glass pattern squares that are stitched together to make a larger square.

  110. Charlene Kimbrell

    I am working on baby things for my grand-daughter-in law’s baby shower. My current work in progress is a Star Bunting.

  111. Nancy Shomo

    i am working on baby blankets – 3 of them – for three different moms! hope i get them done in time!

  112. Kristina Briden

    I have multiple projects right now. My priority is a chair back cover with a name embroidered on it. Also working on an Afghan with sorry chunky yarn and some cowboy/cowgirl matching infant sets!

  113. Jana

    I am working on a garter stitch baby sweater from a pattern published in 1950.

  114. Shelia

    Child’s blanket for local hospital or Project Linus and a vest for my mother.

  115. Lisa Jo

    Hello, I’ve got to get in gear now. I am working on a short pancho to keep my shoulders warm this winter and my arms free.

  116. Libby

    I am crocheting a curtain in a filet design for the sidelight next to the front door.

  117. Linda Patterson

    I am working on a sweater(knit) for my 16 yr old granddaughter and an afghan(crochet) for my son.


    I am working on Christmas orders. I am currently making a Name Doily!

  119. Kim Marsden

    I’m working on knitted washcloths then onto winter scarf & mittens.

  120. terri hayes

    I am making a monkey afghan for my friends daughters baby shower.

  121. Alison

    I am currently working on three baby sweater for friends and a beautiful crocheted afghan for the fall!

  122. Tammy Williams

    I crochet a little everyday. I have been working on scarves for my co-workers for Christmas.

  123. Patricia Price

    I’m making a Terri Crews blanket buddies and crocheting a host of snowflakes. Love the prize assortment.

  124. Sue

    I’m working on a couple of projects right now. I am crocheting a C2C afghan for my granddaughter’s band auction. I also have a C2C baby blanket started.

  125. Amber

    I belong to a knitting group at my local public library. We are knitting mittens and hats to donate to our local food pantry and to our local public school for this winter.

  126. Elizabeth

    Working on some scarves for a charity auction at the beginning of December

  127. Colleen Johnson

    Working on multiple Afghanis, cowls, and anything else for Christmas presents this year.

  128. Crystal F

    I’m working on a camo balaclava for hunting for my husband. Just about done.

  129. Astrid

    I’ll be starting the Bacon Afghan for my daughter for Christmas. I’ve wanted to make it for years, now that she’s in college she won’t see me working on it.

  130. DeeB

    I’ll be working on a baby blanket that I had abandoned. Now there is a baby on the way so I had better get it done. Baby is due January 2.

  131. Sarah Rahamim

    Working on 3 blankets and a poncho. #geekalong #pirates #tapestrycrochet

  132. Sylvia Keefe

    I’m working on a sweater for my great granddaughter for Christmas

  133. Maude

    Working the Red Heart Pumpkin Face Bag for two lil trick or treaters :)

  134. Linda C

    I have started working on a pair of finger-less gloves. I found the pattern in Knit Now issue 36 by the name of Coventry Mitts. They will be for me, I think!

  135. Gwen Canady

    I’m crocheting a “Yoda” hat for my young nephew’s Christmas present.

  136. nancy

    I am working on knitting some infant/toddler Halloween costumes. Currently, I am making a Dragon for 6m size; using Red Heart “spring green” and “cornmeal”. When complete it will be 4 pieces, hat, sweater (w/ dragon wings attached), pants & a detachable Dragon tail.

  137. Marnee Michaud

    I am working on an Island playmat set for a Christmas gift. Almost done with the mat itself.

  138. Sandra Durkee

    I am working on a 36 x 36 inch baby blanket and a larger afghan to donate to Project Linus.

  139. Michelle

    I am currently crocheting a purple ombre granny stripe scarf.

  140. sl_blue

    i am working on a fall wreath right now – made of crocheted leafs and later, when the first snow will come – i will put some crocheted snowflakes on it… :) i now have 8 leafs – i think i need 20 more or something

  141. Carla Nelson

    I am working on crocheting an afghan for my dad and his wife for Christmas. They’re Green Bay Packers fans so I’m using green, yellow, and white using the using the Bavarian stitch.

  142. Karen Chapman

    I’m working on this pineapple x-mas tree, made with crochet thread. : )

  143. Juanita Y

    I have many projects I’m working on socks, cardigan and a scarf to name a few.

  144. Cynthia Gergel

    Working on a kittycat dishcloth for a good friend – next up is a doxie dishcloth for another good friend! Then on to a scarf for my sister.

  145. Carol Smith

    Knitting a Small bag for hunting glasses and a short sleeve pullover
    plus crocheting a scarf as a learner project.

  146. Lane Reynolds

    I am trying to finish a three quarter length sweater that I started last winter. Hopefully, I can have it finished for Christmas!!!

  147. Cindy

    I’m working on several items to prepare for a craft show coming up. Right now back scrubbers for the shower.

  148. Judy

    This week I am working on fingerless gloves for a co-worker. Her hands are always so cold; won’t she be surprised :)

  149. Peg

    I am working on lap blankets and prayer shawls for our church to givE to sh7t ins and nursing homes. I just finished 2 baby afgans and I’m starting another with some girl friends. Love to crochet,

  150. Michelle A

    I just got this email but I’m working on my first stuffed teddy bear, a ladybug blanket I need to add the dots and border to, a Princess Leia headband for a friend which are currently on hold while I crochet Red baby hats for the Little Hats Big Hearts charity drive, submissions posted dated 9/30 so only a few days left.

  151. Kate Harper

    I am working on a maternity pullover for my daughter. Her size and a physical issue mean I needed to design it. Hope to have it done for Christmas. Of course, there are also all the usual hats, scarves, and mittens to get done by then too!

  152. Chris from MN

    I’m working on knit and crochet jewelry for birthday and christmas presents for my daughter in law and 3 daughters

  153. Evelyn Qualls

    I am currently deciding on which beanie I want to crochet for my grand daughter-in-law. I have finished two camo beanies. One for my grandson and one for our great grandson. Love Red Heart yarn.

  154. Loralee

    I am working on a blanket that I designed to give to my son’s sensi. Just waiting for the yarn to arrive so I can officially start the blanket. :-)

  155. christina

    i am working on a redsox graphigan for a baby gift. a sweater for my doxie, and a c2c for myself. not to mention the sewing that i do for my local children’s hospital.

  156. Becca

    I’m working on a Hip 2B Square afghan and a cardigan from scraps; both are crochet projects. Right now I’m into crochet only but have knitted in the past.

  157. Alice

    I am working on knitting 2 hats for charity, 2 crocheted turtles for friends, and a crocheted baby sweater for charity. The hats are almost completed!

  158. Kris

    I am working on throw blankets to give to the people in chemotherapy with my husband at our local hospital.

  159. Erica

    I’m currently working on my first c2c baby afghan for my daughter

  160. Telcomlady

    Currently working on a zig zag pattern afghan as a Christmas gift.

  161. Jennifer

    I am working on several projects..a prayer shawl for a co-worker, baby hats for another coworker and friend, and a hat for myself to coordinate with my new fall/winter coat.

  162. Susan M

    I’m working on baby booties for a coworker. Then it will be a top hat with snowman decoration and two rugs for Christmas presents

  163. leanne

    will be working on a wedding ring quilt afghan for my nieces wedding present in August 2015

  164. Crystal Guyer

    I’ll be working on doll clothes and more e-reader covers.

  165. Karen Arnold

    I am working on a round ripple afghan in pinks and purples.

  166. Crochet Couture CC

    I am having my pattern tested for a mermaid shell top prop, mailing out orders including my snuggle snowman costume, running a giveaway on my page, working on a graphghan AND taught someone some knitting today at lunch.

  167. Yazmin Mooney

    I am currently working on beanies for Halloween and Christmas. So far I have 15 beanies I need another 30 beanies to go.

  168. Anna Q

    I’m working on two scarves and starting a baby blanket and booties with hat. plus looking to start holiday gifts. busy busy busy, but love it.

    • Anne-Marie Bryan

      Sounds pretty. It is always fun when you have an outfit in mind.

  169. manicstitcher

    I am working on 2 sweater for 2 of the 8 grandsons this week.

  170. Karen

    Im working on my first crochet project…a HUGE king size afghan.

  171. Barbara Williams

    After a long break from crocheting, I am finally getting back into the swing of things and I am working on my afghan that I have been neglecting. Thanks for the encouragement.

  172. Mary Jayne Hamilton

    I’m working on knit hats with faux fur pompoms for a grand great niece.

  173. Dawn Dennis

    I’m currently working on2 projects: making blocks for a blanket to donate to “Warm Up America”, and I’m also crocheting a needle holder for a friend.

  174. Alyce

    I’m working on stocking caps with braids for the Indian Children in the Dakotas

  175. Paula R. Trueax

    I am currently working on dishcloths and scarves with a group of students grades 3-5th Monday-Thurs at our after school program. I also have one girl making baby booties and a simple Victorian bib pattern I found many years ago when my babies were young.

  176. Carol

    I am starting a pair of fingerless gloves. If I like the pattern I hope to make some for gifts.

    • Anne-Marie Bryan

      I love fingerless gloves too. I’m thinking of making some with a bright colored yarn I recently discovered in my stash! Yay for fun finds.

  177. Cinda Friend

    I am currently working on 10″ squares for our crocheting/knitting group for charity.

  178. jean

    I’m working on several projects a scarf for my son for hunting season and prayer shawls.

  179. Susan

    I’m working on a crocheted afghan for Project Linus, my first knitted baby sweater, and I discovered a knitted scarf I hadn’t finished.

  180. Tiffany

    I’ve been working on hats and scarves to donate to a local homeless shelter.

  181. Barbara

    I’m trying to finally knit the second sock of a pair I started a few years ago. I think it’s called “second sock syndrome.” I think it’s similar to the dreaded second sleeve syndrome.

  182. Patty Frydenlund

    this morning I started on a prayer shawl for the prayer shawl ministry at my church – I decided to expand on a scarf pattern that I thought looked nice and should be warm and cozy…

  183. Ashli

    I’m currently working on a few things (a baby blanket, a hat and scarf set, and teaching myself how to knit), and making tons of granny squares for fun when I get bored of other things! I just love making them!

    • Ashli

      Oh, I forgot I’ve also been making a bag of baby hats to donate to the L&D at the hospital for newborns! I love making baby projects!

  184. Barb

    I’m working on a crochet cotton market tote for a friend, crochet hats for our Church’s shoe box project and a sweater for me.

  185. Jamie

    I am working on a Harry Potter blanket for my oldest daughter for x-mas

  186. Shanna Davis

    I’m crocheting and extra long twin blanket for my 6’5″ son and 15 hats that will Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews. Busy, busy, busy.

  187. Evelyn Harrington

    I am working on 2 different afghans for Christmas presents. It just depends on which floor I am on at the time on which one is getting the most time. Since I still have at least 3 more to do I need more time than just Wednesday night.

  188. April Pendleton

    I’m working on baby booties and hats… I’m due in 3 weeks and I can’t wait!!!!

  189. L.K.Weaver

    This site ~~ Heart Strings ~ a blog by Red Heart yarns ~~ would be soooo much better if your “letterhead” at the top did not take up 3/4 of my screen !!!!

  190. Pat King

    I would love to win the Prize Package. I’m crocheting a shawl for my daughter’s wedding and I’, almost done, so I’m looking forward to a new project!!!!

  191. Linda

    I’m making baby booties and mittens for the local hospital’s newborn nursery.

  192. Cyndi

    I am knitting sweaters, that I donate to children in the area that are in need.

  193. Nancy

    I have been working on a knitting project for the knitting hats for Shaken Baby Syndrome. I just finished about 30 of them and my group has done about 150. I am not working on projects for girls being held in a community care program as Christmas presents.

  194. Crystal

    I’m working with Red Heart Heads Up for the Design Wars Heads Up Challenge! Love that yarn!

  195. Christina

    I’m working on an afghan throw. Hoping to have it finished before tomorrow evening so it can be auctioned off to benefit our local volunteer fire department!

  196. Vivian Beene

    I am working on a baby blanket with popcorn stitch hearts on it.(Called You’er My Sunshine). Also Saint Nick and Mrs. Claus Dolls. I Love to Crochet with Red Heart Yarn!

  197. Doris

    I am trying to finish the Checkerboard Textures Throw crochet along…

  198. Bec

    I am working on 3 scarves, two knit and one crochet. The crochet scarf is for the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge and will be donated to Knit Your Bit for military veterans.

  199. Yeev Her

    I am working on the Etched Rio Wrap by Blue Sky Alpacas. I substituted a car on yarn because I can’t afford the particular yarn it was made with right now. It’s coming along beautifully! Hope it’ll be done by the time cold weather hits Colorado.

  200. Cecilia Obrien

    I am working on a baby layette. Several other things are in the working. Big multitasking person.

  201. Jane Davis

    I think this is a great idea! I’m looking forward to seeing what others have as projects! Right now, I’m making a prayer shawl for a friend with cancer and a baby blanket for a friend with a new grandbaby due in November.

  202. Jenn

    I just finished an afghan and actually have a couple other projects going – a graphghan for my daughter and an American flag to be donated to a veterans home.

  203. Lori Baker

    I am working on hacky sacks for an orphanage in Cambodia. Only 170 to go!

  204. Jackie (Craftyangel) Campbell

    Currently I’m knitting Christmas gifts (slippers, socks, hats & scarves). Have to do something to thin out my stash.

  205. Joyce Jenkins

    Currently working on some stuffed owls for Christmas gifts.

  206. Julie Ormanian

    I have several irons in the fire. Working on my charity hats and mittens, and now starting the hats and mittens for the grand kids for winter & then on to Christmas presents!!

  207. Nichole Cisnero

    I just finished on Thursday my cowboy hat and boots project for a baby shower. They are in her football team’s colors. They came out pretty good seeing as how it was my first attempt on booth

  208. Diana

    I am working on crocheting gift bags with dishcloths, towels, and facial scrubbies for xmas.

  209. Anonymous

    Just finished a Skyrim hat for my son. Now I’m working on a kitchen set (potholder, 2 dishcloths, and a towel holder).

  210. Ruth Molenaar

    I’ll be working on mt grand-neice’s booties, daughter #1 hat and d #3 wristlets

  211. Staci O'Neill

    I’m making a cat afghan for my son’s birthday. It will go on his first “big boy” bed. It’s about a million tiny granny squares, so I hope I have it done in time for the end of October!

  212. Debbe Bastian

    I am crocheting Christmas themed wine bottle carriers as gift bags to be sold at the school craft fair in early December. I am having so much fun creating different Cheistmas themes of the same item.

  213. Deb Draper

    Hi at the moment I am making beanies for my grand daughters. hoot the owl. cute little chick and lalaloopsy. I am sure tomorrow it will be something different. When I am not making items for my family I am making a queen size throw for the bed.

  214. Diane

    I’m making 6 Crystal Ice Hats for three special girls at church. Three for the girls and matching hats for their American Girl dolls. They will be getting them next Wednesday as a surprise.

  215. Ellen Mead

    I’ve finished a baby afghan for my goddaughter’s new baby, due in a week or so and am currently finishing up a second one and hoping to start a third one over the next few hours. Both of these are for babies due in the new year, a great-great niece and a great niece or nephew.

  216. Karen B.

    I’m working on a Celtic lap blanket. I love Celtic patterns.

  217. Robin

    I’m crocheting clothing for Teddy Bears for the Salvation Army Christmas Bear Program

  218. Cheri

    I am working on 12 inch granny squares for a granny square exchange swap that I have joined through Facebook! I have 21 left to stitch. I have 5 groups of 5 that I am working on and each group has a different color scheme! I picked the colors I disliked the most to work on first!

    AND I am putting the boarder on an afghan (granny ripple) for my Granddaughter!

    It is going to be a busy weekend!

  219. Jeannine Seppala

    I am working on a spiderman afghan and have been told that it has to have a spider on it!

  220. karen

    I am working on an owl basket using the pattern on RedHeart and Red Heart yarn. I am making it as a gift for my friend’s daughter-inlaw.

  221. Donna

    I’m crocheting tiny variegated purple flowers to be appliqued on a community flower-themed quilt our hospital volunteers are putting together to raffle in December.

  222. Suzanne Broadhurst

    I’m finishing a Playtime Baby Doll (trying to get the mouth to look right) and beginning a Lily Doll for Operation Christmas Child. :-)

  223. Eva Parcell

    I am working on an afgan that will have cross stitching on it when finished.

  224. helen

    I am working on 3 pairs of socks and just started a scarf I found here at redheart.

  225. Denise shapiro

    U am working on Christmas presents. Toys, purses and afghans.

  226. Kristy Keenum

    Currently, I am crocheting a baby blanket for our newest member of our family, Baby Luke and working on another blanket for a friend whose daughter has cancer.

  227. Kristy Keenum

    Currently, I am crocheting a baby blanket for the newest member of our family, Baby Luke and working on another blanket for a friend whose daughter has cancer.

  228. Sedgwick

    I’m crocheting cheerful dishcloths for my just-retired cousin who’s feeling a little blue.

  229. Rebecca

    Sounds like fun, I am always knitting, usually about three things at once! I am actually knitting a sweater out of Boutique Unforgettable in echo for myself when I am not working on gifts for everyone else. That’s what I will knit on Wednesday! Gives me a good excuse to make time for me, thanks!

  230. Cheryl Start

    I am crocheting baby afghan and queen sized afghan as gifts.

  231. Carol

    I’m currently working on American Girl size Doll clothes. I have made up my own patterns in crochet for a sweater and a hat. I have made 2 sweaters and one hat. Also, I made 1 pair of boots and one pair of slippers from other free patterns on the has been a busy week.There are too many patterns to choose from. i may try my hand at sewing soon.

  232. Fran

    I’m working on some doggie leggings or my Leggins for Life dogs, and a “slanted shells” infinity scarf in Red Heart Soft Baby Steps in Baby Pink… very pretty. And about to start on a new Sashay scarf for a friend.

  233. Tonni

    I’m working on two crocheted pillow pets for Christmas gifts. I found an old Red Heart pattern book at a yard sale with eight patterns. They are really cute.

  234. Mary Kaye

    Working on a shawl and a hat for granddaughter’s birthday in October and an afghan for her friend for Christmas.

  235. Anne-Marie Bryan

    I am currently knitting on a “lovey” blanket for my extra grand baby, and trying my hand at crocheting a doll dress. Still new to crochet so this is a real experiment. I just completed a basket for the Crochet Crowd Red Heart Challenge.

  236. Nancy Morehouse

    I’m crocheting a By The Sea cushion for my daughter who lives out west and misses the ocean. My alternate projects include slippers and several scrappy scarves.

  237. Annie

    I’m working on a basket weave crochet baby blanket. I to put a little time each evening to work on it.

  238. Northcousin

    I`m crocheting sweaters using the Red Heart Pattern: Fun Time Cardigan WR1987. I love this pattern. I`ve made two in size 2, one in size 4 and two in size 6 and still have to crochet one more in size 2. These are for birthday and Christmas gifts. I crochet a matching hat or head band. On Tuesdays I get together with a dear friend to crochet lap throws for hospices. I just began to crochet in April 2014 and just love it. :)

  239. Wendy M.

    I am crocheting a doll for my young granddaughter, as well as finishing arm rest covers for Autumn :)

  240. Anonymous

    I’m currently working on a florescent pink sweater for our labrador, Gabby. She is shiny black, and needs something to make her more visible–especially at night. She also LOVES her sweaters, and wants to wear them all through the winter, inside or out. I don’t think I’ve ever made anything for anyone who appreciated it more.

  241. Sheila

    I just finished a red, white and blue granny stripe blanket to give as a gift at our annual family reunion. I am now working on a black and beige granny ripple afghan for my daughter.

  242. Jackie Cato

    I just finished a set of dishcloths for my own home. Thursday I finished a Baby Groot for a grandson and gifted it to him the same day. We enjoy going to the movies together. As far as WIP”s, I am working on a camouflage afghan for a grandson, and making Olaf’s for Christmas presents. If I get time there is another afghan to be made with Unforgettable Tidal Wave. I am really forward to working with the Unforgettable yarn.

  243. Sarah Gregory

    I am currently working on a set of wristlets for my daughter but have a number of UFO’s I need to pick up and finish :-)


    I’m working on a layette for my nephew, Zach., who’s scheduled to join us on.12/31/14. It’s a beautiful knitted, plaid pattern in light brown, Navy blue and bright green.

  245. Judi

    I am knitting a baby sweater using fingering yarn on size 2 needles. I am hot looking foe punishment, but I am recreating a sweater my Mom made in blue for my son but in pink for his first child! It is an old pattern, more than 30 years old with cables worked to look like owls across the top of the front and back. It is a cardigan.

  246. Mary

    I’m working on an afghan for my daughter and seeing granny squares on another afghan for my BFF

  247. Lisa Weber

    I am currently working on 2 projects. I am currently trying to start a craft business and am crocheting slippers for one client. My other client i am making a crocheted tote/diaper bag for. Both projects are being made with Red Heart yarn. I am also trying to get projects made for upcoming Christmas craft shows. Making handmade items for others has always been a dream of mine.

  248. Mary Jo Hatoway

    I am working on a camo hoodie for my grandson. He will be one in November.

  249. RobinB

    Hi everyone! I’m new to crochet. My current project is a stadium blanket/lapghan for a niece who lives out of state. It’s in heathered purple and gray. My grandmom was a gifted crocheter/knitter, among her other talents, and when I’m working on projects for my family, she stays close in my thoughts. What a great link to her this new hobby has given me!

  250. RaeAnn Duck

    I am currently working on a two tone double sided crocodile stitch baby blanket for my cousins little boy who was just born on the 26th of July. He was born with a heart problem that he had to have surgery for at two and a half weeks old.

  251. DeeAnna

    I’m working on a blanket for my mom (RH Light & Lofty) and diaper covers for a friend’s baby girl due in November (RH Love).

  252. Teresa P

    I’m currently working on three baby blankets and hats. I’m also working on a couple of the knit along cable blanket for Christmas which I’m hoping to get done on time.

  253. Debbie

    So far through the month of September, I have made spiderman ‘ s Web afghan throw for my grandson for Christmas. A rug with sea themed appliques, The Convergence Top in the last issue of Interweave. Still have two more throws for my other two grandsons. And three Snoopy amigurumi. Whew!

  254. Marcie Edwards

    I am currently making a very large crocheted afgan for my husband; he loves to completely wrap up, so I’m making it large enough to do so. It is in his favorite college team colors.

  255. Janette

    I will be working on several items, granny squares to finish a blanket or my daughter….a ripple throw for my grandson and ruffle scarves for my middle girl to sell for her mission trip….So I will be very busy.

  256. Jude Comber

    I am working on a deep purple cardigan in Moss Stitch for a friend’s daughter – it is taking extra time as I accidently stabbed my left hand severing the ligament and nerves – which led to micro surgery which went brilliantly, but I still can’t hold a needle in my hand for very long as it is still painful (I did this at the end of July! What an idiot!)…. So the cardigan which was meant for her birthday may end up being Christmas instead – have done the back, and am now doing both arms on the same needle! I definitely need to “set aside” time to do this!!

  257. Laurie Fisher

    I am working on a knitted cable shawl for myself. First thing I have knitted for myself in years. I wear a period costume as a tour guide and I needed something to go with the costume now that the weather is cooling off.

  258. Grannie K

    With the bat on a hat pattern, why not just knit the pattern in? You would start the bat pattern at stitch 40 (42) and work from the pattern as you would with the duplicate stitch. I’d also make the bat yellow for a young friend who loves Batman. Or reverse the colors – Black bat on a yellow hat. Yours is great for Halloween. I’m also thinkg of making hats with the logo of our organization knit on them. I’ve been doing that already with blankets and dishcloths. Why not on a hat? Thanks for the idea.

  259. Rachel

    I am on my second hat this week and my first with Red Heart Reflective. I am quickly falling in love with this yarn. I am using my current hat project (for my ds) to practice my color work as well. Yeah, for fall knitting ;)

  260. Kris Woosley

    I am working on an off-white afghan for a Christmas present. I am trying to make most all of my gifts this year. I’ve finished two dresses, one baby sweater and skirt and one 12 point afghan. I still have another afghan besides the one I am working on and four gifts for four more granddaughters and I can’t remember what else LOL.

  261. Barb

    I am working on several things: a filet crochet afghan for a friend for Christmas, a crocheted hat for my 8-month-old granddaughter, and a shrug for me. The shrug is the lowest in priority.

  262. Debbie N

    I’m working on a simple knit afghan in a 1 X 1 rib stitich and a block pattern. Not the best knitter, so I’m practicing. Also working on an afghan for my brother in afghan stitch. #slowgoing

  263. Denise

    I am working on another Santa Claus stocking for future great-grandchildren. My mom started the tradition knitting these for me & my siblings. I kept it up with my kids and grandkids. My son says since no one else in the family knits, I need to make several for his grandchildren and store them since I may not be around (forward thinking son!). This is my second – I plan to make about one per year to get at least 12 of them for future generation. The good thing is – my son believes in family traditions. Next job is to teach my young granddaughter to knit!

  264. Paula

    I will be making “Crochet Shells Mobius” (from the RH website). If it is as easy as it says… I’ll be making these for holiday gifts. Can’t wait to join the fun.

  265. Sandra Tullis

    I’m working on socks (two at a time), a knitted cowl, a knitted chemo hat, and trying to use up cotton yarn scraps making striped dish cloths and coasters.

  266. A Lefty Crochets

    My local branch of the public library has a charity outreach where the patrons make items for the various area charities ~ baby items, chemo caps, comfort shawls, pet mats, etc … this takes place from Oct. til early Dec. then all of the items collected are delivered to the various charities. I am happy to be one of the patrons that is responsible for making these deliveries. Currently I have been busy crocheting baby hats but expect to include some baby sweaters as well as some chemo caps for this outreach. On top of this endeavor I have several grandchildren to make items for their birthday &/ or for Christmas :)

  267. Dane Samuel

    I am knitting and crocheting several projects now. I have two long term knitting projects: the ten stitch blanket (free on ravelry!) and the beehive quilt. My quick project is a tunisian crochet slouchy beanie. It helps me learn tunisian crochet. Lastly, I’m fixing a pair of crochet booties that I made for myself when I was first learning how to crochet.

  268. Debbie

    Working on a Stripes and Zigzag afghan. Saw a picture of it and loved so I’m trying to replicate it. Also have a few other projects in progress. Seems I always have those that I start and put down and pick back up again.

  269. Alison

    I am crocheting a car seat baby blanket using the lovely Cross St. or crossed doubles. Works up fast.

  270. Dorothy Via

    I just finished a tiger hat for my grandson. The pattern is from Repeat Crafter Me. It’s adorable and works up very quickly. I also knit and crochet hats, blankies, and booties for preemies.

  271. Laura Long

    I am doing a simple ripple afghan in Silky Twist. It was the color way that “hooked” me.

  272. Jennifer C

    I am working on a hot pad that was featured in the October issue of Crochet World magazine. #wnsc

  273. Barb Chopp

    I am crocheting a pray shawl for my Aunt who taught me to crochet & knit, she is going through cancer treatment. I am also knitting ruffle scarves for a silent auction for my friends’ mother who has cancer. And I am going to be working on a little blanket for my first grandson all 3 grand daughters already have a few crocheted blankets so now it is his turn.

  274. Anonymous

    I am working on a corner to corner blanket for my sister :)

    Denise M

  275. Evelyn

    It’s great to read about so many wonderful craft projects. I am inspired to finish a tapestry crochet lighthouse afghan for one of my sons. Happy crafting everyone!

  276. Maggie W

    I’m crocheting my first afghan! I’m really excited about it. :D

  277. Nadette

    I’m working on finishing the border on my Stitch-Cation blanket (Red Heart & Crochet Crowd) and several other Christmas ornaments. Oh and a Halloween doll!!!

  278. Sunnie Wilson

    I am working on Pattern #WR2019 (Blushing Rose) from the Red Heart Collections. This is for one of my younger sisters. She requested that I make this for her so she purchased her yarn, also from Red Heart and the pattern as well.

  279. Kelly Hobbs

    I’m currently working on a pair of boot cuffs to wear with my favorite pair of skinny jeans and a great pair of boots this winter.

  280. Tambra Vandal

    I’m currently crocheting a Ripple Ponch. I got the Pattern from Red Heart Patterns

  281. Mary Jane

    Crocheting lapghans for wheelchair patients in a local Veterans’ Hospital
    For the men, I’m working on football team colors. For the women, something more feminine, usually scalloped design.

  282. Kathy S

    Just finished a specialty baby afghan for a room decorated in Alabama theme. It turned out great. Designed it myself.

  283. Barb

    I am won a crocheted lapghan to donate to a local nursing home and knitted hats and mittens for a Christmas giving tree.

  284. Anonymous

    I’m working on a Buckeye square afghan (my own version of a granny square afghan); it’s for alumni fund-raising halftime raffles at The Ohio State University game-watching parties for Penn State (October 25) and “that state up North” the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I’ve already made matching pillows, which the other alums love…and one of the two afghans/Michigan game is completed already. I’ve created two versions of Brutus the Buckeye’s head, Script Ohio, Buckeye leaf cluster, O-H/I-O, THE, and NO Michigan (a slashed red circle over the big blue “M.” The proceeds go to our local DFW Ohio State student scholarships. Last year we gave money to about a dozen students who attend The Ohio State University. Have to confess, though…I EASILY find time to work on my projects as I’m recovering from PT for a major muscle spasm that’s affected most of my body.

  285. Teresa

    I am just finishing up a Christening gown and bonnet. It turned out really beautiful.

  286. Janelle

    I’m working on a crochet-along scarf in hunter green, burgundy, and goldenrod as a possible charity piece, as well as a crochet thread motif table cloth for my sister. I’ll soon be starting a Dodger-themed lap-ghan for my grandmother, too. What I work on depends on my available concentration at the time. :)

  287. Cheryl

    I am working on some more of the baskets from The Crochet Crowds September challenge and making 100 granny squares.

  288. Cindy

    I am working on a corner 2 corner blanket. Love that stitch/pattern. Quick, easy & fun.

  289. ilse

    a lot of projects to do…. so this would be lovely tot win!!!!!

  290. Joy Smith

    I crochet prayer shawls and blankets for the knitting ministry of my church. I am currently working on a raspberry-colored prayer shawl. I also have a hat in the works,, which will be included in the annual October donation to the Dakota Tribe.

  291. Melissa

    I am making a cross-over long double crochet hat for my 10 daughter.

  292. Donna

    I have several WIP’s going at the moment; mostly Christmas gifts.
    I am also designing a custom Bible book cover for a friend.

  293. Jenny

    I have several WIPs on both needles and hooks. Mostly Christmas presents for all the nieces and nephews. This is the year of sweaters! Also, some last minute additions for a craft fair in November.

  294. Marie

    I am just finishing my second Baby Girl Chevron blanket, as gifts. First one has been given to our friends first born Granddaughter, Kynlee, born in July. Love working with the soft yarn! Happy Stitchin’

    • crochet

      bookends ? how different and neat. was this your idea? if not where did you get the pattern??

  295. Kcb

    I have 2 afghans going I pot holder and many scarfs. I love to crochet just getting back into this craft, goes much faster than knitting.

  296. Julie

    While my husband drives me to and from work, I am crocheting snowflake ornaments for all of my students and coworkers. At home, I’m working on a granny square scarf for myself and a baby Groot amigurumi for my daughter. I really want to start on a new blanket for myself…everybody else in my house has one just for themselves. I know I have several afghans made by my step-grandma for anybody to use, but I want a special blanket that’s huge (maybe king or queen size), that’s kind of old-fashioned looking (maybe a sunburst granny square pattern), that I can snuggle up in on cold snow day with a cup of tea. <3

  297. Arl Olster

    I am crocheting Esther Chandler’s MULTIPLICITY shawl -Ravelry- using deep purple sock weight yarn, and plan to embellish with vintage pearl buttons from my sewing stash.

  298. Sherri Gibson

    I’m working on a couple mini tablet bags for my 2 grand kids. A dishcloth for myself and the crochet crowd basket challenge. First challenge since I taught myself to crochet a few months ago (:

  299. Debbie

    I’m working on a lot of different Christmas present. Then there are all the hats, mittens, sweaters, and scarfs to be made for all the order.

  300. Carol

    I’m crocheting a ripple infinity cowl using variegated yarn. This is the 3rd cowl I have finished, plus 1 scarf, they will be Christmas gifts.

  301. Tracey

    I’m knitting the collar of a bottom up sweater for my daughter. I’m so close!

  302. Angie Simmons

    I just finished a Lion Lovey and now I’m working on some “Frozen” hats for some lovey little girls.

  303. Hooking in Riverside, CA

    I am working on his/hers aprons for my honey and me. I am almost finished with mine and have started on his will post pics later.

  304. Deejaybee

    I’m finishing a granny square baby afghan in crochet using red heart softee & starting a knitted beaded scarf with cashmere/silk yarn.

  305. Jennifer Keller

    Just finished 10 Team Spirit Golf Club covers for the high school girls golf team.

  306. Cricket

    I started the Christmas granny Square wreath afghan that Mikey did the video for

  307. Ildinyo

    Hi, I am attemtping to crochet a bridal keepsake pouch for a friend of mine who has just got engaged. I am using a white shimmer yarn that is so beautiful that I might have to come up with something else to make with it.

    Have fun, Everyone!

  308. Anita Clark

    I’m currently working on a poncho for my granddaughter for Christmas. Seems like I have been making a lot, but still need to make more!

  309. Lynette Sandtorf

    I’m making head bands right now. who knows what will be next

  310. peg

    I am working on an Afghan for my granddaughter for Christmas

  311. Patty

    Working on another prayer shawl for the church project and a baby blanket to give away.

  312. Joan Dall'Acqua

    Hoping to knit or crochet ALL Chrsitmas gifts this year, plus increase my charitable knitting in 2015!

  313. Carol Opsal

    I’m making crocheted ice pack covers for everyone.

  314. Caren Crase

    I have several projects in the works. Headbands, boot cuffs, dish towels, and more.

  315. SandyG

    I’m working on a pink and white and “razzleberry” afghan for my 4 year old granddaughter. It’s one big granny square (thought that pattern was appropriate!) and will have fringe on all four sides. It’s about done and I’m looking forward to giving it to her, not for a holiday gift, but “just because.”

  316. Darlene Coover

    I am working on baby layettes for a great-granddaughter due in Jan. and one due in March.

  317. Anonymous

    finished hat and booties for great grandgirl due in Feb. working on matching blanket during soap opera every day.

  318. Rogue Hobbies

    I am currently working on 2 hats for a custom order {to sell}, a dress for my daughter, a stuffed horse for my niece, a hooded cloak for my husband, and a throw for my mom and dad, all for Christmas gifts.

  319. robyn

    just finished a baby blanket, baby hat and matching hat for mom. double crochet, swirl pattern in baby colors.

  320. Cindy Martin

    I’m working on 2 pair of tank slippers for Xmas gifts.

  321. Nancy Smith

    I am working on my youngest daughter’s 1st baby blanket, she is due in Feb. I am so excited my baby is having a baby!

  322. RaeAnn Duck

    I finished the two tone double sided crocodile stitch baby blanket last week, and just started a baby cocoon that will be the colors of my high school.

  323. crochet

    using one of your free lapghan pattern no beginning chain quick shell afghan to make for someone going thru chemo.
    this is the first pattern I have ever used cant figure patterns out. always looked at something and figured out in my head and made that way. your pattern seems easy . but putting into action is a different story for me. so far it doesn’t look to bad. If this works out will try your owl finger glove pattern for teenage grandaugther who likes owls for Christmas. thanks for the free patterns and if all works well will continue to make lapghans and leg warmers , and hats for chemo and nursing homes and and anyone in need. wed day is great idea. thanks for this site.

  324. Beverly Gumprecht Grout

    Working on fingerless gloves for friend, socks for Christmas gifts, afghan for granddaughter and scarf for son. Too many irons in fire!!!

  325. Melody Stoops

    I am working on 3 sets of baby booties, 2 sets boot cuffs, 2 pair of fingerless gloves and 3 pair of slippers!

  326. Charlie Schultz

    I have finished 2 afghans and hats to match to donate to the Hospital here that handles the preemie babys. I make them extra long so they can be tucked under and be pulled out as they grow. I really enjoy that. I do this on Wed. afternoons as a group of us get together and crochet and knit. (not all do donations) Some are working on items for friends and family. This groups also helps the ones that come in and need help knitting or crocheting. Nice group.

  327. Mary Hales

    I am crocheting afagans . Baby as well as the large ones. I just love them. I also love to see everyone elses blankets.
    I have about 50 sacks of unfinished items when i get tired of the same ol thing i pick a sack & start it up again. when going on a road trip i also do this .. Keeps me out of trouble !! & no i don’t crochet while driving ha ha just when i am the passenger.
    i have found & tried alot of yarns but Red Heart is my favorite !!

  328. Debra McDaniel

    I’m, currently work on Granny Square Baby Blanket in Aqua, white and grey. It’s turning out real pretty. Still have about six more rows until finished. It’s for one of my baby charities I donate to. I love Red Heart yarn and all of colors available.

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