Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 3

Welcome to the third week of the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6! This week I’m knitting up the Destination Scarf in our new Newsprint color of Boutique Sassy Fabric.

destination_scarfI’m making the scarf for my grandmother’s upcoming birthday. (Yes, all the birthdays in my family happen around the same time!) She met my grandfather when he worked for a newspaper and she worked in an advertising office. They also traveled quite a bit when they were young, so I thought that this newspaper-themed print with city names on it would be perfect.

Please share what you’re working on in the comments on our blog posts or on our social media channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Tag your social media posts with #WNSC6 to share them with the group. I’d love to see what you’re working on!

Each week we’ll select one winner of a $150 Red Heart Prize Package. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this blog post.

Congratulations to Lana S., who won last week’s giveaway!

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165 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 3

  1. Barbra Bramley

    Shawl for a Christmas gift for one of my sisters.

  2. Cheryl

    I’m crocheting hats for needy kids for Christmas and a donation baby blanket.

  3. Karen Jernigan

    I am working on Owl pillows and hope to have them stuffed and ready to go before Friday. Thanks for the chance to win great prizes!!

  4. Jeanette Bork

    I just finished making a small purse with a cross body strap for my daughter to carry her cell phone and things in. It’s black and red. I free handed this project using stitches I have learned. :) My daughter loves I!

  5. Meghan Catagnus

    Just finished a minion hat and started a pumpkin hat:) #wnsc6

  6. Mary Jeffery

    I just finished an MSU scarf for my daughter’s band director and started a U of M scarf for my cousin.

  7. Michalene Arrigo

    I shared this on my Twitter and Facebook but didn’t give me the extra entries.

    Michalene Arrigo

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Michalene, Thanks for sharing! You’ll get extra entries if someone enters through your link.

  8. Sara De Jong

    I’m making Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews!

  9. paula boggs

    I’m working on a baby blanket, Red Heart Petal Pink, with red bows in each corner and a large Minnie Mouse in the middle. An order for my budding business.

  10. Odethina

    I’m working on a cowl with black and purple reflective yarn for my cyclist husband. He’s loving it!

  11. Sutu G

    I’m knitting a purple & pink coaster for my coffee cup – – – after all this is BREAST CANCER month

  12. Mary Ellen

    I’m making 2 Santa Baby sweaters for friends. One had baby a baby girl earlier this year and the other is a first time grandmother to a baby girl.

  13. Michelle Willkomm

    Working on a Queen size checkered flag blanket for my son! :)

  14. Michelle

    I will be knitting witches hats for pets for sale in Shelby’s resale shop

  15. Zoe Martin

    Working on some hats using the new Grande yarn means they knit up quick!

  16. Isabel Topps

    I’m working on a snowman wreath-crocheted.

  17. Violet Roberts

    I am making a baby set for a pregnant member of our church

  18. Libby Elliott

    My projects right now are hats, cowls, shawls, fingerless gloves, ear warmers, etc. all made with black and gold! I am in the heart of “Steeler” country and I am gearing up for the fans!!

  19. Anita Clark

    Tonight I’ll be crocheting a baby blanket for someone at work. This is her first and the ultrasound says it’s a boy. Let’s hope so since I’m using blue, green and white.

  20. Arlene Newman

    I am working on a cowl in burnt orange. I am making it as a Christmas gift BUT I really, really like it. LOL. Good thing it will not match my winter coat.

  21. Tammy Scott

    I am working on my first 9-point star baby blanket. I started it yesterday and hope to have it done by next week.

  22. Emily

    rigjt now I am working on an afghan for my brother and a shawl for my sister. They are going to be Christmas gifts. I like to give at least one handmade gift to my family members each Christmas.

  23. Brantlee Noland

    recently finished a baby blanket for my new cousin. I am now working on a sweater for myself. I hope it turns out. I always seem to make it to big in the shoulders. This one should be easy enough (fingers crossed). It is made with a rectangle folded over and sewn up the side.

  24. Patti Breiner

    I’m working on a baby blanket, I saw on a website I love, for a friends grandchild. Blocks of 4 different colors, with crocheted daisies and a beautiful border. #WNSC6

  25. CraftyCraze

    Working on a birthday present for my best friend using beloved Red Heart yarn!

  26. Jan K

    I’m working on finishing a few projects – sewing on buttons and such. I’m also working on a crocheted sampler throw with some yarn that my grandmother gave me. It’ll go in my stack of donation blankets for the local “helper” organization. They take food and clothes, but people in need deserve a great handmade blanket every once in a while, too!

  27. Susan

    i am knitting hexagons for a beekeeper’s quilt. LOTS of hexagons!

  28. brandy hill

    I’m currently knitting a fingerless glove for my daughter and crocheting a C2C Afghan for a different family member. But can’t say who because they may see this!!!

  29. Caroline

    I’m finishing up the Red Heart Lace Bobble Scarf for a coworker that sent me a beautiful floral arrangement while I’ve been out on medical leave.

  30. Ellen

    I’m making directional scarves out of Red & Black Team Colors for my girls…

  31. Lisa Kerstein

    I just finished 3 projects and am now working on a knit black and red clutch purse.

  32. Jessica D

    I’m working on making a Colossus doll for my boyfriend

  33. Jacqueline

    Making a ribbed hat and scarf for a christmas gift.

  34. Martha Wilson

    Working on a crochet outfit called Walking the Dog for Dolls ( LW4329) for a Christmas present. Almost done.

  35. heba saad

    I’m knitting a waistcoat for my daughter with cotton yarn and sashay yarn ,

  36. Sandy Tollefson

    I am working on little stockings for family and decorations around the house for Christmas

  37. Abigail

    I’m making the Crochet Lace Fingerless Mitts in light blue. I’ve already made two other pairs (cream and pink) and I love them! #wnsc6

  38. Ruthie

    i am working on an Afghan for my Grandson! I also have WIP…learning to Knit and Tatting! I love learning! Then giving as gifts! :)

  39. Rebecca Wright

    Baby blankets for the new babies at church

  40. Joanne Reigle

    I am going to be a GREAT Gramma in March!! So, I am starting to make pink and blue, she will find out the gender in about a month, BUT< I want to be prepared.
    I have already made a 2 pink blankets, ( one crochet and one knit). Now, I am almost done with a knit blue onsie, and have a knit dress pattern ready to start. I want to be prepared!!!! LOL!!!

  41. Pat Thompson

    I’m currently bouncing between 3 projects, a “rolling in the deep” scarf in Pgh Steelers colors, a tunisian cowl in a lovely blue green, and a cowl/hood in plum. All of these are for gifts to be sent to family in the UK.

  42. Haley Holl

    Making matching hat and scarves for Christmas gifts

  43. Anonymous

    I’m getting the unicorn hats done for my girls and ninja turtles for my son. With matching gloves.

  44. Janet Williams

    I’m making tissue box covers using red heart yarn.

  45. Denise Beyor

    I finished the baby blanket I was working on, so now I’m going back to work on my husbands scarf. I let him pick out the yarn. He picked out a very soft acrylic size 1 yarn because he doesn’t like bulky. He wanted it in two colors side by side length wise. Ugh taking forever. But it is so soft. I might make one for myself.

  46. Lexie Ann

    I’m working on a couple of hats. Animal hats in fact. I’ll be starting on a blanket soon. My first one. Just need to buy some nice yarn =) I enjoy crocheting little animals too which is keeping me busy. They are adorable

  47. Katherine Morris

    I’m working on two afghans and a knitted Halloween wreath.

  48. Shannon K

    I am between projects at the moment. I did just finish my second c2c throw blanket with RH super saver – Zebra. This yarn is so much fun! Sadden that I can no longer find it in the stores.

  49. Kathy Rainey

    I’m making a baby blanket for my potential grandchild

  50. Jerusha

    I am crocheting some scarves for the teachers at my children’s school as Christmas gifts right now! Inifinity scarves are easy, peasy! 5 down, three more to go!

  51. Angela Grisdale

    I am working on a wonderful round baby blanket. Only problem is that the more rounds I do, it takes longer to complete the round. lol. Can’t wait to finish it and really see what it looks like spread out flat.

  52. Valerie Fields

    I just finished a zebra shawl that was black and white stripes and a bright pink mane. Hope she likes it!

  53. Tracy G

    I just finished a Halloween top and head band for my little cousin. And I’m currently working on my very first blanket/Afghan for myself.

  54. Joyce Kay

    I am working on 2 different things, I am knitting an afghan (have 3 more pattern sets to do) and working on a stocking cap. One is a downstairs project and one is the upstairs project.

  55. GranKris

    Currently working on a Meandering Rib Scarf for charity done in Red Heart Super Saver Blacklight. Love the bright colors!!

  56. Lena Mahler

    I will be primarily crocheting my dog a sweater dress for the cold season, and also finishing up a knit slipper!

  57. Jenny

    Working on a baby blanket for a friend of mine at work who is having a little girl!!!!

  58. karen white

    I am working on a baby gift for my cousin’s baby due in March!

  59. Brenda Courtien

    I just finished crocheting a pink & white baby blanket with a matching hat and a pair of booties! I’m now going to make larger sized booties in the same yarn.

  60. Cleary Kipe

    I’m stitch working on the stitch-cation blocks.

  61. Anne-Marie

    I’m crocheting a jumper for a 17″ doll and working on a kntted lovey blanket for my extra Grandson and a infinity cowl for myself.

  62. Lynette Martin

    Working on socks for a friend who cannot wear mass produced socks due to Lymphodema.

  63. Jerry Cundiff

    Working on dish cloths and starting an afghan.

  64. Olivia

    Working on a crochet afghan for my best friend with a raised design done in post stitches.

  65. Jennifer B.

    This evening I am working on a long-term WIP project…the “Simply Kitty” afghan pattern by Anne Halliday. Since I love animals, this is one of my all-time favorite patterns!

  66. Sheila

    Working on a baby sweater for my cousins newborn baby daughter.

  67. Jenni Reynolds

    I am currently working on the red heart little stockings with red heart holiday yarn. I’m loving the way they are turning out!!

  68. Happy Hodgepodge

    Today I completed a box full of scarves for an upcoming craft show.

  69. Lori

    I am finishing a cute camo baby blanket for a little guy that made an early entry into the world!

  70. Judi

    I am making a sweet sweater for my 12 week old granddaughter.

  71. janet

    I am currently working on hot pads and kitchen items for selling at church for the church and Xmas gifts

  72. Jodie Castaneda

    I am working on some scarves tonight. I also have two afghans in the works as well.

  73. Denise P.

    I’m currently working on two crochet projects. I’m making my nephew the stadium lapghan in his school colors with Team Spirit yarn. I’m also making a variation of a scrap yarn afghan using leftover yarn in French Country, Delft Blue, Lemon and Soft White.

  74. amanda

    Im working on a crochet polka dot afghan of my own design for my spare room

  75. Jeannie Phillips

    I’m making several things: blanket for my mom, blanket for some friends in memory of their cat who recently died, a few thread projects: tablecloth, bandana, wall hanging, plus a blanket and pillow set for a friend who lives overseas. #wnsc6

  76. Toni Boyer

    I just finished a head wrap for my future daughter in laws birthday tomorrow. And started a slouch hat in pink brown cream variegated yarn.

  77. Leisa McBride

    Working on a few things. One is a pink round lounge throw. I’m using the pink aran Red Heart yarn, the only Red Heart Yarn that I can buy in Australian shops. pictures of it on facebook, twitter and instagram, slowing learning how to use social media.

  78. Jodie Riggio

    I’ll be making some baby blankets for the new editions in my family. Nothing is like a home crocheted blanket for the upcoming winter months. They are the best

  79. Lorrie Fout

    I recently learned Tunisian crochet. It’s a blast! I’m currently working on a scarf. Can’t wait to get it done!

  80. Karen C

    I am working on a entrelac throw for my sister, as a christmas gift. I am using a dark purple, light pink and white. I hope she likes it.

  81. Lynn Burleson

    I am working on an afghan for one of our daughters and her husband for Christmas

  82. Nancy Kearns

    I’m knitting and crocheting with a group of dear friends to create beautiful “handmade hugs” to cheer children through Project Linus. We’re then shipping them to Operation Snowball where they will be given to children in the families of wounded servicemen and women!!

  83. stitching peg

    Finished my Steeler colored boa scarf last night. All ready for Sunday’s game thanks to easy directions. Working on lap blanket s and prayer shawls for the nursing homes and a baby blanket. Got to keep my hands busy.

  84. Danielle Paoletta

    Crocheting a cable pillow cover and I’m brand new to knitting so it’s a ribbed scarf

  85. Jacki L

    I’m working on a 30 square blanket for a friends’ wedding

  86. Marina

    I am working on a blanket for keep amarica warm. They are a great charity to support.

  87. Nicole Vieu

    Working on slippers for my sister and an Elsa crown for my Niece Addison.

  88. Joy James

    Never seen some of those items…….would love to win!

  89. Gwen Canady

    I’m working on scarves for the patients at the Veteran’s Hospital for Christmas presents.

  90. brandy hill

    I’m working on a corner to corner lapghan for a family member. Using yarn she bought a long time ago when she had her first child. He passed at an early age and I want to give her back a blanket using the same yarn

  91. Amy M

    I’m working on finishing an Amigurumi Yoshi. It’s pretty cute.

  92. Michelle

    final touches to a pirate beanie and princess leia headband for friends, an elmo and cookie monster hat for a niece, and hope to finish my first stuffed teddy bear and my ladybug blanket still needs it’s spots

  93. Nanaj

    Using Red Heart yarn..afghan for my grandson…doilies for daughter…scarf for granddaughter…and sewing a quilt for a great,niece all for Christmas. Like to keep changing from one to another.

  94. Pat Lehnen

    I am making hats and amigarumi stuffed animals for a charity.

  95. Stacy

    I am making baby clothes for my daughter’s friend. Plus Christmas gifts are getting started.

  96. Cheryl

    Hey, currently i’m working on a hat/leg warmer/gloves ensemble (crochet) and a sweater with cloche to match 9knit) for my daughter’s up coming birthday. Also I’ve made her a hooded scarf (crocheted) :-) . I aim to be done by the 27th!

  97. Sharon Cieszkiewicz

    I just finished a filet crochet small throw, the pattern was of an angel. I am now working on an afghan and Christmas tree skirt.

  98. Barbara Cryer

    Ive got 2 blankets WIP. One just had the border. This is a stadium blanket for a Christmas present. The other is a queen size for a wedding gift. Ive got 10 squares of 210 done

  99. Patricia Loverink

    I’m crocheting “Indian” blankets for my Grandson and Granddaughter for Christmas.

  100. Anonymous

    I’m working on a hat made with Red Heart Reflective

  101. Nan'Chang Springer

    I’m working on hooded cowls and hats & cowls.

  102. Diana Harmon

    I’m working a scarf tonight, just finished a c2c afghan!

  103. Sandra Sise

    Making an afghan for my grandsons birthday. It will have his name on it. I have 3 grandsons & I want them all to a blanket made by their grandmother.

  104. Tasha Combs

    I am working on a “thin blue line” afghan for my son who is a police officer, May the Lord always keep him safe !!

  105. Kathy Mooers

    Working on a yellow pinafore dress for a newborn.

  106. Becca Schultz

    I have just started working on the Baby Santa Sweater for my little girl this christmas.

    Love how soft the red heart buttercup yarn is.

  107. Wadebid

    Im working on an afghan for my grandson for Christmas! :)

  108. Jana

    I am making my son a throw. I have never made him anything since he was little (he’s 34) so I thought I would make him one in ombre blues. It’s in a lazy ripple pattern.

  109. Evelyn Qualls

    I am crocheting beanies with Red Heart camo yarn for the hunters in the family.

  110. Terri Anderson

    I’ve been working on a scarf for my sister and lamb baby booties for a friend.

  111. Pat

    Great idea! I might finish the baby blanket, or the booties. Maybe the scarf will get done too. Or the hat.

  112. Rosemarie Musella

    I just finished a poncho for my 2 1/2 year old grandaughter. In yellow, white, and orange looks just like candy corn.

  113. Lauri R

    I’m working on a baby blanket for a coworker’s daughter who is having her first baby boy. It is yellow, white and shades of gray.

  114. Jeannine Seppala

    I am working on a Spiderman afghan with a spider on it. A request from my grandson!

  115. Kathryn Lesinski

    I have several projects here, one is 2 pairs of baby cowboy boots with matching hat. Once these are finished I’ll continue with my christmas gifts. I’m going to be making another eternity scarf, and a hoodie for my grandson. I look forward to reading all of the projects everyone is making. Thanks for sharing !

  116. Barbara Skoch

    I am busy making hats and scarfs for the needy through our sewing ministry at our church.

  117. Patty

    I’m working on a Spiral Crochet Lapghan (LW3907). Love it! :) I’ll post the finished project on Ravelry when I’m done.

  118. Angela

    I’m working on some coffee cup sleeves and coffee mug cozies and some Christmas ornaments! :) Tis the season!! :)

  119. Pat Monds

    Crocheting team spirit hats & scarves for family memebers for Christmas – Jets, Broncos, Ravens, Redskins, Panthers, Colts & Cowboys. Red Heart has the best team spirit yarn.

  120. Trish Dolan

    I like to knit and crochet but am much faster at crocheting. Just basic simple items. Am currently working on neck scarf and hat for son in law. So glad I found this site.

  121. T Gonzales

    Yesterday. (Wednesday) I finished my Gimli helmet with beard; today I made a Minecraft Creeper hat.

  122. Tawny Reed

    I’m working on a wedding dress for my sister right now. This is my first time making any clothes so it’s a challenge but I’m making progress and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  123. Barbara Dinino

    I am making hats and scarfs for kids for winter that don’t have them. Crocheted and knitted. The yarn will help a lot.

  124. Deb Hood

    working on an angel baby blanket and a car seat blanket.

  125. Judy Horvath

    Crocheting baby football cocoon and hat for baby shower gift.

  126. anna

    working on a few Christmas gifts – can’t post pictures as the gift receivers are on facebook…lol

  127. Leslie Coggin

    I’m working on two projects right. Now. I’m making a crocodile stitch scarf with Red Heart unforgettable and an afghan using Red Heart Soft . After the scarf I plan to make some boot cuffs and a pair of slouchy boots!

  128. Barb P.

    Working on a shawl as a nursing home donation and mittens for a local soup kitchen.

  129. Doris

    I’m crocheting a baby jumper for a niece. Angle wings pinafore, adorable. Using red heart softee baby yarn!

  130. Susan Thomas

    Recently I made pumpkin & acorn hats for new borns @ hospital. I am working on ghost dish clothes for my Halloween themed book club as favors. Next, I think I will make something for myself.

  131. Joyce

    I am in a local knitting/crochet group at community center meeting once a week, working on wheel-chair bags, chemo hats (all sizes), preemie outfits, and lap blankets for multicare patients. We accept donations of yarn from the community for these service projects.

  132. nita

    I am working on a Baby afghan. Just finished a lap blanket for a neighbor.

  133. Julie Thomspon

    I’m working on two different pairs of socks. One is for my mom and the other is for the lead singer of a band our family follows. Whenever we go see them, I always bring someone in the band handmade socks. They love them!! <3

  134. Brandy Ruble

    I am working on some colorful book bags for Christmas.

  135. Amanda Stevenson Felton

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

  136. Ruby

    I’m working on hats and an afghan I call Christmas ribbon candy.

  137. Paula

    I am crocheting Neck Warmers using a variety of colors of the Boutique Treasure yarn and the free pattern from the Red Heart web site. The beginning of my Christmas gift crocheting :)

  138. Chris Eisbest

    I am crocheting a Xmas afghan for my brother using Red Heart with love white and holly berry yarn. My “riding in the taxi” project is a hat I am making to go with the last “taxi” project, a multi-colored cape. And I just bought the rest of the yarn for a new ripple afghan which is striped with purple and a multi-colored yarn that is the colors of a western sunset. I love yarn (everyday)!

  139. ML

    Today I go to get yarn to start one of the Christmas projects you provided to us the pattern. Thank you.

  140. Frances C.

    I completed 36 additional red baby hats, regarding the “Little Hats, Big Hearts” campaign.

  141. Debbie Laux-Brown

    I’m working on sweaters my sons for Christmas – all the same pattern but different color combinations for each.

  142. vickey legler

    just finished hooded cowl for myself in gray/dove (red heart)

  143. Laura H.

    I am working on a knit sweater for a baby boy, which I will donate to my local Library as one of the raffle items offered at the Christmas Fair on December 6th.

  144. Donna Houttekier

    I am making a spider web Afghan for my grandson who is 6.

  145. Jean M

    I’m working on a blast from the past – the Santa Christmas stocking from Family Circle!

  146. Krysten Gregg

    I’m crocheting shower poufs for my four nieces.

  147. Maria

    I am working on a pretty yellow bonet for my first granddaughter !!

  148. glori mcstravick

    I am working on a halter top for my daughter.

  149. leti Nova

    i’m doing the project kaleidoscope throw pattern number LW3742 i’m so happy with this project!!!

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