Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 4

Welcome back to the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge, Season 6! This week I’m working on these Wavy Long Wristers in Heads Up.

wavy_long_wristersI thought they were super cute when they first came into our office, and I’ve wanted to make them for a while. My mom’s birthday is in the first part of December, so I need to get these made so I can give them to her over Thanksgiving. I thought they would be a good choice for her since she has to walk their dog multiple times a day, and having free fingers makes managing the leash and accessories much easier.

Plus, Heads Ups is one of my favorite yarns. I really like bulky yarns that work up quickly, but since it is smooth you can still see the stitch definition and make neat patterns like this one.

If you want to make the wristers yourself, Mikey from The Crochet Crowd has a helpful video you can find on our site here.

Please share what you’re working on in the comments on our blog posts or on our social media channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Tag your social media posts with #WNSC6 to share them with the group. I’d love to see what you’re working on!

Each week we’ll select one winner of a $150 Red Heart Prize Package. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this blog post.

Congratulations to last week’s winner Shawn B.!

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30 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 4

  1. Karen Jernigan

    I am working on Awareness Ribbon Scarves. Some for breast cancer and several for other causes like Lupus and Lung Cancer.

  2. Gloria Jean Souliere

    I will definitely try to make the wristers…they look soooo nice

  3. Mary Linder

    I am working on scarves and baskets for Christmas presents!

  4. Janet

    Chevron black and white baby blanket. Broomstick lace scarf up next.

  5. Jessica Litherland

    I’m making Halloween costumes for my daughters.

  6. janis noble

    I made my granddaughter a pair of simple fingerless gloves, she loved them. Now she wants more. Going to do theses in her high school colors.

  7. Debbie Glover

    I started to work on an American Girl doll witch outfit and just finished it.

  8. Evelyn

    I am currently not working on a project beyond finding one to work on. My 15yo GD has just yesterday requested leg warmers so I will get started on that as soon as I make a trip to the yarn store. The wavey long wristers has sparked my creativity and I am thinking of using the pattern to make her a matching set of the wristers plus the leg warmers. She will love it.

  9. Jennifer Doucet

    I’m still working on a baby blanket I started last Wednesday.

  10. Amy M

    I’m working on a wristlet bag with what looks to me like ruffles though the pattern calls them dragon scales. Its fun!

  11. Leisa Mcbride

    I am making lot of coaters for Christmas using your Pinwheels for table and tree pattern. They work up very quickly and look great using your Holiday yarn. The silver thread through it just makes them that more special.

  12. Denise Beyor

    Hi all, here in ct. We had a warm summer like day. We are waiting for some heavy downpours. I’m still working on my hubbys scarf using fine-1 yarn. Love the yarn but it takes forever to knit a long enough scarf. That’s what I get for letting him pick it out. Lol

  13. Abigail

    I’m working on crocheting little stuffed animals to sell at a craft fair next month. #wnsc6

  14. Lisa Kerstein

    I’m working on a red scarf with yarn overs every 12 rows as well as knitting dishcloths with various states outlined inside the pattern with the states abbreviations in the pattern as well.

  15. Brenda Williams

    Love the video it was a blessing made it so easy. Thanks!

  16. Marlene Williams

    working on fingerless gloves and hats for the needy

  17. Jennifer B.

    Currently working on a carry case for a netbook and periphals….making it up as I go along, so no specific pattern. Hoping to finish in time to give as a Christmas gift.

  18. Alison Routley

    I’m working on slippers for my son – still! had to frog them when he came home for Canadian Thanksgiving because they didn’t fit right. I’m hoping to have them finished for this weekend. Then I can move on and complete some other wip’s.


    Finished up the last shower pouf I was working on, 2 more to go. Going to take a break from that to try a pattern I saw that covers earbud cords with yarn and keeps them from tangling and shorting out so quickly. With 4 teenagers in our house, this could definitely be a good thing!!

  20. Indoo

    I am working on 7 hats (different sizes) for donation. One is completed, rest will be finished within 2-3 days. After that I will move on and complete some other wip’s.

  21. Lori Helmedach

    Being a fire fighter who loves to crochet there isn’t anything I haven’t used Red Heart for now the new reflective yarn is amazing for hats so people see us.

  22. Diane Simpson

    I’m working on a scarf for a friend. Then on to another scarf in Dr. Who colors for friend.

  23. Paula Crossen

    I’m still working on cowls and neck warmers. They are so much fun. I think they are partly gifts for me because I enjoy making them so much! Those wristers are really pretty! Even though I just received my order from RH, I have started another shopping cart. My daughter in law has a dog and loves wearing things like that so maybe that could be a gift for her. Her birthday is December 26th and I always send her a separate package with just her birthday gifts and a card so that it’s separate from Christmas. She really likes that :)

  24. Karen Settlemyre

    I just finished an afghan for my grandson, the biggest Red Wings fan. Couldnt find a pattern I liked, so this ines id totally out of my crazy head. I wrote it up if anyone would like it! Wish I knew how to add a picture to this!

  25. Shaylin Spargo

    I entered this drawing, and then used the email button to email the link to some people. I know that some of them signed up for the drawing, but when I log in it is only showing that I have 1/1 entries earned. Am I doing something wrong?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Shaylin, You’re doing everything correctly! The system records the extra entries, but the Rafflecopter widget isn’t showing them. We don’t have a way to make the widget show them.

  26. Danielle S.

    I am currently working on a ruffled scarf in a carrot color for fall plus getting baskets together for the holiday season!

  27. Olivia Webster

    Tonight I’m still working on a tree of life afghan with lots and lots of post stitches. It’s going to be amazing when it’s finished.

  28. Wanda S

    I’m working on christmas gifts. Three projects at one time as I have to keep switching needles to protect my joints. I have rheumatoid arthritis and repeated movements of one area for too long is painful.

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