Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge. It has been exciting to see all the wonderful creations you are working on or have completed. Keep them coming!

This past week I was away at a Stitches East show and didn’t have a lot of stitching time…mostly demos at the Red Heart booth.  After being away from work and home for 6 days, things piled up and it’s been go, go go for the past few days. I’ve been waiting for tonight, so I can sit and crochet for a while, not worrying about the laundry or the emails I still need to read.

LW2403WeekendGrannyThrowI picked up a couple different colored balls of Red Heart Boutique Treasure and started working on a solid granny.  I really like the color combinations. I think I’ll just keep going, using all the different colors of Treasure, beginning a new color as each ball ends.  The Weekend Granny Throw is similar to what I’m working on.

Join me for Red Heart’s Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge on Facebook and share your creations. Tell us what you are working on tonight, and what you are watching on TV, or music you are listening to. Let’s see how creative everyone can be. Don’t forget to mention Wednesday Night Stitching Challege Season 2 when posting your picures on our Facebook page. What’s on your hooks and needles tonight?

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