Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 5

Sometimes we have days that aren’t great and then we end up being frustrated or in a bad mood. We don’t spend enough time doing nice things for ourselves. That’s what I enjoy about the Wednesday Night LW2438RomanticLacyShawlStitching Challenge. It gives me the opportunity to do something nice for myself, briefly forget about all the bad things in the world…my creative therapy. I’m also doing something nice for others, since most of what I make I give as gifts. Plus, I get to share ideas and work with all of you. It’s so much fun seeing all the wonderful items you’re stitching. 



Here we are on Week 5 and I’m back to making something for myself.  I like wraps and shawls, great for the office, a special event or an evening out. This week I’m working on the Romantic Lacy Shawl, a project I created several years ago. The original is made using Red Heart Soft yarn, however, I’m going to remake it using Boutique Changes. There are 6 different yarns and textures in one…I’m excited to see how this will work up. 


Just a reminder, you are the judges on the project photo’s. As you view the Facebook photo album “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge”, don’t forget to “like” your favorites.

Join me again tonight while watching your favorite Wednesday night show or listening to your favorite music. What’s on your hooks and needles tonight? And don’t forget to post those pictures on the Red Heart Facebook wall. Let’s see how creative everyone can be.

If you missed weeks 1-4, and want to learn how this works, please read the posts below: