Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 6

I can’t believe how fast time is flying past. We are on Week 6 of our Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge … where has the time gone? Well, I’ve been able to complete 5 projects. I always have several projects going at any given time, but setting aside Wednesday nights has helped me get things finished by working with all of you. I purposely picked projects I knew I could finish in a week.

LW2505RuffleRosePillowThis week I’m making pillows for the wicker chairs on the patio. I’ve selected the Ruffle Rose Pillow. It reminds me of a large flower. I’m putting my own twist on it, using a solid color for the pillow itself and stitching the ruffle portion of the pillow with a multi. I’ve selected Super Saver Aran and Mirage. Can’t wait to see the pattern it will create.

Just a reminder, you are the judges on the project photo’s. We discovered you can only post 200 pictures per album, so we have created a second to add all the wonderful projects you are stitching.  As you view the Facebook photo albums “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge”, and “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Part II”, don’t forget to “like” your favorites.

Join me again tonight while watching your favorite Wednesday night show or listening to your favorite music. What’s on your hooks and needles tonight? And don’t forget to post those pictures on the Red Heart Facebook wall. Let’s see how creative everyone can be.

If you missed weeks 1-5, and want to learn how this works, please read the posts below: