What do we mean by Yarn Weight?

Everyone talks about yarn weight — what does it mean? When we refer to yarn weight, we’re not talking about the weight of the ball or skein. Instead, we’re talking about how thick or thin yarn is.

Red Heart follows the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) Standard Yarn Weight System. In this system, yarn is divided into weights 0 to 7. The thinner the yarn, the smaller the number. For example, Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread Size 10 would count as a size 0 (Lace). Super Saver, With Love, and Soft are all size 4 (Medium), and Grande is a size 7 (Jumbo).

all yarn weights

Just because yarn is the same weight doesn’t mean it is identical: Super Saver, With Love, and Soft all have a weight of 4, but they are slightly different sizes and have slightly different gauges. Each weight of yarn has a range of similar gauges. In this photo, Super Saver is on the left, With Love is in the middle, and Soft is on the right.

yarn weight comparison

Each of our yarns has the symbol for their weight on the ball band, as well as on the yarn page. We also put the weight symbol on each pattern PDF. You can search our yarn by weight on the website: click on “yarn” in the top red section, and then “Shop by Weight” appears on the left-hand size. You can choose any combination of weights to search for.

If you want to substitute yarn in a pattern, weight is one component. It is easiest to substitute between yarns of the same weight, such as using Super Saver instead of With Love in a pattern. You will still need to check the pattern gauge, however, to make sure that the project you are making will turn out the correct size.

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  1. patricia bray

    thanks for telling use that don’t know what weight yarn means. Now I have some old out dated yarns that have been giving to me all dark yarns (like n. blue, blacks with colored patterns mixed in, I don’t know what to do with this yarn ( 1 one of each color ) also my eyesight is not to good with dark colors.

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