Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s Endless Summer Maxi a Mother/Daughter Project

Are you heading to a luau or beach party anytime soon?  Or just simply in need of a fun, comfortable, flowy dress?  As I was flipping through Crochet Today’s July/August issue, I came across the Endless Summer Maxi SummerMaxiModeland immediately said to myself, “I am for sure making this!”  But was super bummed when I realized that sewing was involved because I don’t know how to sew.  Then I thought, well my mom sure does and how awesome it would be to make something together — a Mother/Daughter project!  My mom and I are best friends and she’s always telling me that “Mothers Know Everything,” so I thought ohhhhhh how fitting!  She can’t say no to this.  Haha!!!  ;) Continue reading “Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s Endless Summer Maxi a Mother/Daughter Project”

Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s Fruity Sandals

Are you and your newborn heading to a pool party anytime soon?  Do you have a friend that’s expecting that loves the beach or lake?  A good college friend of mine is due to have a precious little girl in July and I’m attending her baby shower this weekend.  She frequently has weekend getaways to the lake and when I saw the Fruity Sandals in the July/August issue of Crochet Today, I most certainly had to make them for her!
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Love the Project, Make it Your Own! By Guest Blogger Donna Stinson

When I see a project that I feel like making the first thing that I think about is what color would look good in my house or for the person I may give it to. I also look at how much time it will take. I work full-time, have two busy children, three dogs and a husband so my time is limited. I do love to make these wonderful creations so I usually look for easy, fast and beautiful projects. Continue reading “Love the Project, Make it Your Own! By Guest Blogger Donna Stinson”

Guest Blogger Diane Marsh Makes a Retro Pillow

Hello Fellow Crafters,
My name is Diane and I love Red Heart Yarn. I have crocheted and knitted for many years, so when I started working in the payroll department here I was happy to be able to be around yarn more than at other companies in my past. My first encounter with thread was when I was a small child my grandmother taught me how to make hairpin lace and attach to a hankie. Ooops! I’m dating myself. I also have fond memories of my Mom and me getting the sale papers for yarn and figuring out what patterns we were going to make and trying to be one of the first customers at the store to be sure that we got the yarn we needed. Of course you had to paw through a lot of yarn to get all you wanted in the same dye lot. It was very important that you bought extra so you wouldn’t run out. And my father’s unique take on what he saw my Mom doing while crocheting her doilies, he called it “Knotting Thread”. I still refer to that phrase. Continue reading “Guest Blogger Diane Marsh Makes a Retro Pillow”

Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s Tootsie Top

tootsie topReady for Spring?  I sure am!  I like lace-stitch style shirts and wearing tank tops underneath so when I saw the fun Tootsie Top pattern in Crochet Today’s May/June 2013 issue I just had to make it!  In the past, I had a tendency to make projects that had a quick turn-around so making a top like this, in my mind, was a little out of my league.  Especially when I saw that the pattern was an intermediate skill level.  I got a little nervous, but I decided what the heck!  I stuck with it and didn’t quit!

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