Be Inspired: God’s Eyes

One of the best things about being involved in the designs for Red Heart is getting to know the work of so many talented people. Paul DuBuc is a great example. He has taken our beloved Red Heart Super Saver and created some of the most awe-inspiring art pieces I’ve ever seen. He told me how he first became interested in God’s Eyes while attending concerts by the Grateful Dead and other rock groups back in the sixties, and noticing that they placed God’s Eyes on the stage.

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Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 4, Week 3

Here we are at another Wednesday night and it’s time for us to talk about our projects.  I’m traveling this week and will be in Hartford, CT at the Stitches East show.  Last week I started working on The Big Octagon Throw. I’m using many of the colorful yarn ends I have from other projects. That is just way too much yarn to carry on a plane, so I brought something smaller and easier to work on while flying and while at the show.

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Gnorbert & Gnora’s Wedding

Gnora was the new gnome in town. Wanting to see the sites and have some fun, she decided to check out the Stitches show in town. Being a crafty gnome, she wanted to see all the beautiful colors and textures of yarn. As she is looking at all the new Red Heart yarns, she looks across the booth and just stopped … and then she spotted him, Gnorbert, standing there in all his glory, eye’s fixed on each other. Gnora couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. Continue reading “Gnorbert & Gnora’s Wedding”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3, Week 2

Hi friends! Wednesday is finally here.  I’ve had a few hectic days since we last got together.  Life never seems to get any easier, it’s always one issue after another. You just need to learn to not sweat the small stuff or overthink things.  My escape is my quiet time for knitting or crochet.  I’ve been working on crochet hats since last week and was able to make 5 of them.   I started out making a beach hat for my g-grandson, then another, and one for his mom, then I made a couple of garden hats for myself. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3, Week 2”

From Store to Stitches Handmade Fashion

As the New Year begins, I’ve been thinking a lot about making vs. buying.
I’d al
ways rather make what I’m wearing than buy it, so I hit the search button and started making a list of pretty things I’d like to be wearing this year.  Turns out, it’s a BIG list! To narrow it down, I went to my closet, to figure out what pieces I most need and settled on a sweater or two, and a few scarves, my favorite accessory!  Then I went to our pattern search, to find similar pieces to what I found in the online shops. I found our Cuff-to-Cuff Sweater. I’m planning on making it with Treasure yarn, in the Mosaic color way, I love blues & greens! The sleeves will also end up being longer, perfect for being cozy on the weekends! Continue reading “From Store to Stitches Handmade Fashion”

Get Crafty for the Holidays!

Knitting and crocheting are fun, no mess pastimes. You can do them while watching television (and the person with you still thinks you are totally spending time with them). But one Saturday, I spent some time making this snowman and felt like a kid again. I based my snowman on designer Dondi Richardson’s instructions. I loved using this fun faux snow stuff that you apply onto the Styrofoam® balls sort of like paint, but thick and gloppy. The snow dried while I went shopping.  I came home and finished the whole project in just a couple hours. The Doodle yarn covers the balls and cones easily using a low temperature glue gun. I love the funny face that I clumsily painted on him. Continue reading “Get Crafty for the Holidays!”

Prairie Wrap Reworked!

My favorite thing about knitting is that you can adapt almost any pattern to any yarn.  I did just that at the Knit & Crochet show when we realized that the model made with Red Heart Boutique Treasure had been left behind! Luckily I had a pattern, the Prairie Wrap with me in my purse, I was planning on knitting it out of the called-for Washable Ewe. I pulled the pattern out and started to figure out what I needed to change to make the pattern work with Treasure. Continue reading “Prairie Wrap Reworked!”