What Kind of Super Saver Girl Are You?

Are you like Fashionista Farrah?

A true fashionista, Farrah looks for hot trends and the latest colors when she LW2704FarrahFashionistachooses yarn and patterns. Even though she likes trendy yarns, Super Saver is her go to yarn for creating fun fashions. You are sure to notice Farrah.

She loves to make things for herself and sport her wearables with great style. For her it’s more about the product than the process. She wants to use easy stitches and get her project done, so that she can add it to her wardrobe. She’s an avid crocheter and knitter, but her mission is to create new fashions.

Download Fashionista Farrah Doll Crochet Pattern.


Are you more like Artistic Annie?

LW2706ArtisticAnnieAnnie loves to “make”. She is a multi-crafter who tries everything. She loves to knit and crochet and gets inspired by new techniques. Super Saver gives Annie great stitch definition and a way to show off her stitching expertise. She wants a quality yarn with a good color range.

Annie enjoys knitting and crochet various items, but she’s more about the process of making. She proudly wears and displays the items she makes, but she’ll give something away in a heartbeat. If you get a present from Annie, you know it’s a unique item that is crafted with love!

Download Artistic Annie Doll Crochet Pattern.


Or are you like Lovely Lucy?

LW2705LovelyLucyLucy is a conservative dresser who goes for twin sets, simple bags and skirts. She knits and crochets for herself occasionally, but she also loves home décor and making projects for charity. She decorates her home with handcrafted items, and loves making things for all her family members too.

Lucy is a giving person who spearheads charity campaigns and loves making projects for the charities. Super Saver is the yarn Lucy always uses for charity projects. It comes in colors perfect for babies, kids, and adults. Her favorite things about Super Saver is its easy care and long-lasting quality. When she completes a project, she doesn’t have to worry about how it will be laundered, and knows it will be sure to last a lifetime.

Download Lovely Lucy Doll Crochet Pattern.