Aunt Lydia’s New Bakers Cotton Crochet Thread

Aunt Lydia’s Baker’s Cotton is a new twist on an old favorite, this super soft 100% cotton thread is fun to stitch with and you’ll love the colorful results. Great for anything you’d use a traditional crochet thread for, but with the added punch of color twisted with white to give you a fabulous new look.  It is also great for crafting.

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Boutique Fizzle & Filigree – 2 New Yarns that Create 1 Ball Scarves with a Whole New Look!

Boutique Fizzle
– Fun texture makes this yarn a stand out – couple that with how easy it is to make a scarf and you have a winning combination! Fizzle has a track that makes it super easy and quick to knit or crochet. Don’t have a hook or needles? No problem! Just hand chain it for the same effect – make a cute scarf in just minutes!! Continue reading “Boutique Fizzle & Filigree – 2 New Yarns that Create 1 Ball Scarves with a Whole New Look!”

NEW Filigree & Sashay Metallics are here!

Boutique FiligreeLW3509 is a unique woven fabric strip that can be knit or crocheted like a yarn. Filigree has a track that you can work with just like Sashay to make a beautiful ruffled scarf with just one hank. Another way to use Filigree is to cut it into strips and knit or crochet to join them together to make a one of a kind knit scarf or this wrap and go shawl. Let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are endless! Available in 7 gorgeous shades, you are sure to find the perfect shade for you.

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Introducing Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting Needles

We are excited to share with you the news of a brand new product. Susan Bates introduces Tipping Points™ the innovative new knitting needle that provides the only interchangeable tip on the market. This patent-pending product features point profices that can be quickly interchanged to meet the demands of a wide variety of yarn textures, fibers and twists.  Continue reading “Introducing Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting Needles”

Anne Geddes Baby is here!

Red Heart has partnered with iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes to create this lovely new yarn perfect for your baby. It is a blend of acrylic and nylon, making it unbelievably soft and yet still machine washable. You will love the mixable color range available in 19 colors! Colors go from the traditional pastels like Rosie and Bluebell to deep shades like Ladybug and Blue jay and even black which is appropriately called Night-Night! Mix Bumble and Night-Night to create an adorable Bumble Bee or Teddy and Lily for teddy bear that everyone will love. Let your imagination run wild and create – you may find you want to use this yarn for more than just baby! Continue reading “Anne Geddes Baby is here!”


I can describe the new shades of Super Saver in one word… NEON! Neon is a hot trend and Super Saver will not disappoint you with these 3 beautiful shades. Bright green Glowworm, Blacklight is a mix of neons on a black background and Day Glow, well you’ve got to see it to believe it! All 3 are perfect for get you noticed accessories and home dec.  Continue reading “NEW COLORS IN SUPER SAVER, TEAM SPIRIT AND RIBBONS, OH MY!!”