Will your favorite NFL team play in the Super Bowl XLVIII?


Which teams will make it to the Super Bowl this year? New England Patriots or Denver Broncos? San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks?

Here are a few quick knit and crochet patterns for you to make to show your “Team Spirit” during the NFC and AFC Championships this weekend and for the Super Bowl.

Using Boutique Sashay Team Spirit you could make either of these 2 patterns below using these colors to support:
Red/Grey Boutique Sashay Team Spirit  Orange/Navy Boutique Sashay Team Spirit Burgundy/Gold Boutique Sashay Team SpiritNavy/Grey Boutique Sashay Team Spirit
New England Patriots            Denver Broncos              San Francisco 49ers         Seattle Seahawks

Go Team Hand Chain Scarf   
Go Team Hand Chain Scarf  Go Team Hand Chains Scarf
Ready, Set, Ruffles
Ready Set Ruffles  Ready, Set, Ruffles
Using Red Heart Team Spirit you could make these patterns below using these colors to support:
Red/Blue Team Spirit Orange/Navy Team Spirit  Burgundy/Gold Team Spirit Navy/Grey Team Spirit
New England Patriots            Denver Broncos             San Francisco 49ers           Seattle Seahawks

Cheerleading PompomsCheerleading Pompoms Give ’em Spirit WristersGive 'em Spirit Wristers Cheers Knit WristersCheers Knit Wristers

Crochet Can Cozies                              Knit Can Cozies
Crochet Can Cozies  Knit Can Cozies


Team Pride HatTeam Pride Hat Team Cheers EarflapTeam Cheers Earflap Hear It for the TeamHear It for the Team Got Spirit HatGot Spirit Hat


Sports Fever ScarfSports Fever Scarf Rah Rah Ruffles ScarfRah Rah Ruffles Scarf Let’s Win ScarfLet's Win Scarf Hooray Team ScarfHooray Team Scarf

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