Winter Blast Hat

LW4062I’m not sure if Winter 2014 will be considered a blast or not. I live in the Southeast and was snowed in for 3 days so I really feel for my friends up North. Let’s be clear about something though, if you are going to go out and play in the snow then you have to look good doing it.

My daughter went off to her first year of college in the mountains of North Carolina. We have beaches too, but she picked the mountains. During Christmas break she asked me if I could make her some hats. She wanted slouchy, cute, hip and just plain fun. I found the perfect pattern, the Winter Blast Hat.

This pattern was easy to follow and I finished it in one day. My kind of project! I made a couple of small changes though. I did not make the pompom quite as large. I love the big pompom on the hat, but I knew she would be wearing it out in the snow and thought it might get a little heavy. She wanted it to fit a little tighter around the forehead because of the crazy wind they have there. After finishing the pattern I dropped a hook size and added a few more rounds which tightened it up a little.

Just look how happy she is over this hat. Well, it might be the snow, but I just know it’s the hat! ;)




































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