Yarn Takes Mikey of Crochet Crowd by Surprise!

by Michael Sellick of The Crochet Crowd

One of my favourite shows from when I was a kid is Baby New Year. I loved the story line and has a soft spot in my heart. It reminds me that new beginnings are possible. I’ve decided to kick off January with projects and ideas that circulate around Baby New Year.

My team at Red Heart suggested I try the Soft Baby Steps for a couple projects. I had seen this online but never in person. Judging by the name, I thought it was sock yarn based and thought I was gearing up to do baby booties. I decided to get it and boy, was I ever wrong. It’s not sock yarn at all, it’s incredible baby yarn.

Truthfully speaking, I’ve been in the yarn industry for 6 years. I’ve used yarn all my life and usually stick to the basics of what can be found at the local yarn shop. The online world of shopping has opened gateways and unleashed my creativity to go online and see yarns that maybe the local store will not carry. With Diva Dan’s encouragement, he strongly suggested I learn the differences of yarn, manufacturing and quality. I used to call all of my yarn ‘wool’. In retrospect, I feel a bit foolish over not paying attention to what I was actually buying.

I have seen a lot of yarn in 6 years and I don’t usually get too excited over basic yarns. The novelty stuff like the Red Heart Boutique gets me jumping up and down in the aisles and running for my shopping cart!

The Soft Baby Steps has four features that have me head over heels to get to my crochet hook and start creating something. Here are my four reasons for my love for Soft Baby Steps.

  • The price point is excellent.Soft Baby Steps
  • The thickness of the yarn was another big surprise for me. Most baby yarns are thinner to a Level 3, Light Weight Yarn. This yarn is actually a Level 4, Medium Weight! This has me really excited as I prefer thicker yarns to work with. It means I can crochet something up faster as the thickness regulates the size of stitches.
  • The yarn is exceptionally tough. I am unable to break the yarn with my hands when pulling with all my might. I know this is yarn that will stand up to a child wearing or using an item that is made from this yarn.
  • The yarn is exceptionally soft. This is a yarn that new mom’s would approve of. The yarn balls feel soft but when the project is actually done, the project acts really differently. With Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, the yarn is somewhat rigid. A dress will hang but it won’t flow or move around as freely as a softer yarn. This is important with baby projects. The softness of this yarn allows the sweaters, dresses and blankets to sit properly on a baby and move around with the baby. Especially on the dresses, the yarn drapes down beautifully.

Just because this yarn says Soft Baby Steps, doesn’t mean it’s just for baby. Some of us love our yarn to be really soft too! It would make exceptionally incredible hats, mitts and other great projects for us adults that like to pamper ourselves.

Next time you are in the store or shopping online, this is a must product to check out. You may be missing out something special. Here are some Red Heart Soft Baby Steps free patterns.
Cool Breeze Baby Ripple              Star Bright Baby Blanket                 Flower Baby Blanket
Cool Breeze Baby RippleStar Bright Baby CardiganFlower Baby Blanket