Yarnosphere Fiber Show in Costa Mesa, CA

Where will thousands of yarn enthusiasts be on the weekend of October 12th and 13th?  These rabid, roving, raglan wearing women (and men) will be at the first ever YARNOSPHERE!!!Caroline Stanley Yarnosphere

What’s YARNOSPHERE you may ask?   It’s a show in Costa Mesa, CA that’s meant to unite hundreds of knitting, crocheting and spinning groups together.  It seems like only the Midwest, southern and eastern states have their very own fiber show.  According to “Chief Knitting Officer”, Caroline Stanley, it was time for Southern California to not get left out in the cold.

Amy ClaireThis year is considered the Southern California Showcase, the main sponsor, most vendors, and teachers are local.  We have great talent down here and it’s great that it can all come together in one place. I asked Caroline how long she and co–founder Amy Seeberger had been planning this event.  Caroline said, “The idea had been ruminating for 12 months.”  “We signed the Orange County contract in June 2013, and we put this together relatively quickly.”

There will be a demo stage, community tables, 15 booths where people may purchase wool roving, stitch markers, spinning wheels, knitting machines and of course yarn. There are 16 different classes with morning and afternoon sessions.  The classes are small, limited to 18 – 22 people. They wanted to offer their classes at 30 – 50% lower prices than most conventions charge.  They prefer to call their classes “learn-a-longs.”  You can learn anything from spinning with a drop spindle to how to make a felted pod.  There are classes on how to crochet beaded jewelry, how to make amigurumis and even how to make a wedding dress.Yarnosphere

An area will be set up to sit-n-knit for charity.  A designated space will be available to those who want to knit or crochet a washcloth for a local women’s shelter.  YARNOSPHERE will donate a soap to go along with each washcloth made.  Local guilds, knitting circles and meetup.com groups will be represented at the community tables.  There will be literature and handouts for people to take and many tables will have representatives to talk to and ask questions.

Goody bags, raffles and treats will be among some of the things YARNOSHERE has to offer.  To get people excited about the event, YARNOSPHRE had an indiegogo campaign and sold limited edition tote bags, with Shirley the shopping sheep, their mascot.

“We want this to be a fun community event.  We want to bring community together.  We’re kind of  throwing a BIG yarn party and we want everyone to come!”

For more information go to www.yarnosphere.com