Yarny Flower Pots

Are you in need of some color, maybe some greenery too? Grab your glue, favorite colors of Super Saver and some mini terra cotta pots and get crafting! This craft is easy to do, perfect for a weekend project or a fun party activity.



To get started I wiped of the pots with a damp paper towel, cleaning off any ‘shelf dust’ that might have been on them.
I started wrapping from top to bottom of the pots, adding glue as I went along. On the first pot I made, I learned that the glue dried too quickly to manage if I covered the whole pot at once. The sponge brush makes it easy to smooth the glue around, and helps avoid completely gluey fingers. If you make stripes, line up the cut ends (adding a little extra glue to help them stick to the pot). Try to always start a new end on the same side of the pot, so it has a ‘back side’ (see photo with arrows pointing this out). When you reach the bottom of the pot, add a thin line of glue on the bottom edge before wrapping the last row of yarn.

flower-pots-b flower-pots-c
























Fill your pots with potting soil and cute plants. (I love succulents for these!) Or use them to hold your other crafting supplies. If you use them for organizing, put a small circle of paper or felt on the bottom of the pot, to keep your pens from sliding out of the bottom drainage hole.


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